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  1. Hello! I would like to invite everyone to the launch of my new browser game, Brains! In Brains you are the brain of a zombie, able to move into other bodies and control them as your own! Brains is free to play and offers 3 different ways to quest to satisfy every appetite, a casino to unwind in and an Academy so even when you're not at the computer, you can be playing Brains! Brains has went through weeks of testing to get the game ready for everyone and we hope we have put together a game that people can really enjoy playing. Unlike some browser games, Brains has a very clear storyline and progression path planned out and promises at least 6 major content updates a year, along with many other minor ones along the way. The first few months and year will see the addition of PvP, Bosses, Land/Cult Warfare, Skills and Towns! (in that order) We do offer real world currency, called Brain Chunks, as well as in game currency, called Bucks, but there is no section of the game locked off to free players, you have access to ALL game content without paying a dime! For those who do wish the spend their hard earned money to support the game and its development, we offer a variety of things from monthly memberships to temporary or permanent character boosts to events that can change the entire game world for a period of time! We have put a lot of work into Brains already and will be putting more and more into it in the coming months. We hope you will come check it out, there is only one time a game hits for the first time and this is a chance to get in on the ground floor of what we believe will be a very fun, enjoyable and long lasting game experience! Brains is co-owned by (in-game) me - TenaciousD and Aralus, stop by and say hi! http://brainsmmo.com/
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