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  1. Fun with Modern C++ and Smart Pointers

    in your second foo(), &A returns a pointer to a pointer to CSomeClass, not a pointer to CSomeClass. should be Func2(A).
  2. Cycled (infinite) maps

    Hello! I'm developing a 2D "MMO"RPG (still very early) whose main feature is that the world is "spherical" like the Earth xd. Here is a video demo, where you can see how it works. (0:48 if you dont want wait jeje). Player1 in PC1 starts walking in right direction, Player2 in PC2 starts walking in left direction, then they find each other... [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgTHaBS0rMw[/media] Hope you like it. Regards pd: sorry for my english, i'm from Argentina xd.
  3. Gui Textbox

    [quote name='owl' timestamp='1305573861' post='4811583'] For the font, there should be a function to tell you the height of the font (usually there is one that tells you the height of an entire text). It depends on the rendering library you're using for fonts. To clip an area I personally use glViewport/glOrtho and not glScissor. [/quote] Im using SFML 1.6. Suppose i can clip the textbox, then how do i draw correctly the text. Logicaly the basic managment of the textbox is easy, i cant understand how to properly draw the text. Thanks
  4. Hello!!, im trying to make a textbox control with SFML library, but i dont understand how to properly render the text, and the relation with de caret position and so on... I know that i can use glScissor to clip the text area.... I appreciate someone explain how it works! Thanks