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  1. Helladen

    Dungeon Finder

    I don't find the story in it is anything interesting, it is watered down and the voice acting is long/boring. I just think they tried to make a WoW clone and failed miserably. You may think I'm doing the same thing since I have thought about putting a dungeon finder (party finder) feature in my game, but I am going for a different audience and aiming for classical elements.
  2. Helladen

    Dungeon Finder

    SWTOR was made by a bunch of foolish developers. The game is only popular because it is using the Star Wars franchise, but honestly it has nothing great to even offer so it will likely die within the coming months.
  3. Helladen

    Dungeon Finder

    Yes, I am having three restrictions to the system to make it more rewarding to unlock this functionality. Players will have to walk to the entrance once, meet a specific level and equipment requirement. I'll also change the name to party finder, thanks for the suggestion.
  4. Helladen

    Dungeon Finder

    That's very much true, so far I've reviewed a few polls about it elsewhere and decided to make my own poll to see how well it is favored. Despite the low amount of votes it still offers a good direction to go with it. I'll try to implement it into the game I'm working on, but it will be a long process to do it the right way without ruining the game. I'll take your opinion into consideration and try to find a way to make players not rely on it so much, thanks very much for your feedback about this issue.
  5. Helladen

    Dungeon Finder

    Yes, it will look for players and find a group for you rather than doing it manually.
  6. Helladen

    Dungeon Finder

    How do you guys feel about a dungeon finder feature in a game? http://polldaddy.com/poll/6000957/
  7. Helladen


    I decided to go with what Edtharan said. I already thought this was the best way in my opinion to do them, but what he said helped me decide.
  8. Helladen


    Thank you guys for your help. I thought this too, I just seen some unexpected results of what my members voted. I don't have a giant community so these results aren't exactly sufficient either though. http://arteix.com/fo..._4245#entry4245 I understand all the different possibilities, I just can't decide. I'm also trying to encourage players to purchase things they need from other players through an auction house or something similar, so yes it isn't about freely doing everything yourself. I believe limiting it to two skills may be the best approach, with a little diversity in skills such as having three different ways to master a skill. This will allow players to further specialize in skills to add depth to the economy. Anyone think this too, or am I just crazy?
  9. Helladen


    Yes I agree, I am relatively new here and I assumed it was for people who were new that had questions. Skills will be the driving force for the economy of course, players can gather or craft items that they can sell to others players. So skills need to be diverse so that everyone has a share in the market. Of course, there will be other ways to influence the economy the best way to describe it is how Runescape does their economy. Skills and drops are both key components to the game's economy.
  10. Helladen


    Skills such as crafting and gathering, I've played games for a long time but I'm struggling on this design topic. I apologize if this is the wrong area to discuss it.
  11. Helladen


    How should skills be done on a game, for a MORPG/MMORPG? I'm not sure if I should limit the player to two per character or have them able to do all of them but have different ways to master them. Also, I've been tossing around an idea of a freelance class that can do all skills where the others can't do skills or can only do two (gather/craft). The freelance class can also influence the party such as increase loot, help in puzzles, and those types of things too. I'd also like to ask if that type of class would be worth implementing into the game? It seems kind of a unique approach and for many games I've seen people who only like to skill. Can someone help me choose something most people feel comfortable about? I'm doing a poll on my site and the results aren't going as well as expected, so I'm kind of lost where to go next with these ideas.
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