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  1. I am curious about the hardware . I just started learning java and if i got it - for java programming there isn't any matter of the platform and for c++ there is . One guy from big game company told me some time ago that one game is written for every individual device differently .
  2. what about devices ? Anyone knows if there have to have specific programming for specifik device / smartphone ?
  3. Exactly . The phone with the best gpu today will be very average after 3-4 months when will be released quad core tegra 3 based phones and sgx 543mp2 phones. So i want to achieve 3d quality that will be consider as pretty good for the new phones .
  4. I want the gpu to push more lit and unlit vertecies . From these test i cant understand which exactly shows this .
  5. I will buy one of these 3 smartphones depending on on their graphic chip performance - Lg Optimus 2x , Lg Optimus 3D , Samsung Galaxy S2. In the web there is no really professional review of their graphics performance and i really want to know which smartphone has a better gpu. I attach photos in their gl benchmark 3d performance and want to know from people who understand which are the most important tests to tell me which cellphone has the best gpu for 3d rendering for games. http://imageshack.us...goptimus2x.jpg/ http://imageshack.us...goptimus3d.jpg/ http://imageshack.us.../832/sgs2t.jpg/ PS give zoom on the images
  6. vfx

    Can i handle it

    i I think i was clear in the first post but i would make it more clear - If i could skip the programming part - i would do it immediately. Do these game making utilities give me the freedom to import my own graphic assets , animations and effects and in the same time to do watever i want to do in the game. Or they are limited in any of these aspects ?
  7. vfx

    Can i handle it

    i dont mean to "pop" your bubble. but from my own experiance it will take you a few months to learn to programe a game and learn a language at the same time unless you are a quick learner and you use something like XNA is(most of the actual device work and graphics device is done for you so you dont have to learn how to appriprietly create a device for a given system). but it should not be too hard to do, but i may be wrong. try looking for a Iphone / Android / Smartphone Game Engine that way most of the hard labourus work is done for you. [/quote] You don't poped my bubble - you try to put me in such one So where should i start c++ , java and wich particular book (keep in mind i want to make games for smartphones i prefer Android devices ) ?
  8. So i am expert in 3d computer graphics including animation who wants to make games for mobile devices - iphone and android smartphones. I have no clue about programming and game development programming. My question are two - can i make a game without any previous programming expirience , i mean by looking and learning in internet (i mean looking and in the same time making - because i haven't the time first to learn programming and than to make the game) , by buying something easy (like tutorials) that will help me to make 3d rpg for smartphones. And the second question is(if the answer of the first is yes ) how much time approximately would take me to make such game alone if the graphic part is already done ? Thank you
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