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    Box2d tutorials

    Also if you download the source, several tests are included. From these you can figure out everything you need to run box2d effectively, couple this with the API and you are good to go . It can take a little time, you might have to mess around a little, but you'll know it better than having someone walk you through it.
  2. If this is as complicated as your game will be. You could go for a server side physics setup. This way the clients act more as dummy terminals and simply draw a graphical representation of your physical world. The clients then would only send inputs to the server, and the server would do the crunching. feel like tis approach is very bad for other setups, but might work well for you!
  3. May i suggest a combination of Slick2D (JAVA) and Kryonet? Slick - http://slick.cokeandcode.com/ kryonet - http://code.google.com/p/kryonet/ They are both amazing and fast! If you decide to use either, feel free to PM me and i can help you get going!
  4. I don't want to claim to know too much, I only dabble in networking. What type of movement will you have though? WASD or point and click? Do you want there to be collisions between players? These are things you need to consider first. Primarily though you have a few options. You can have a player send a packet tot he server saying "hey I'm moving" and include some other information ( velocity, current pos etc) using this, you can have the player move on all the other clients. This will be choppy though. Well depending on the strength of your connection. From here what you want to do is prediction calculations. So Imagine you can only see the object moving once you receive a packet. So it pops up for a second and all you know is where it started (current pos) and where it is going (velocity) use this to update the player consistently between packets being received. Man I hope that makes sense, it can be a pain to explain this stuff. There is no set way to implement something like this, for every setup it will be different, but look around and you'll be able to find something.
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