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    I'm the creator of RageSpline mentioned in the article. Just like to chime in with few extra points. I'm no veteran in this and if you read my blog post about 5d/3k$, you'll notice how I got pretty much sucked in Asset Store by accident. Very happy accident if I may add. I'd like to say that pricing has a influence on what matters. If you price is very low, say 20$, then it's more like App Store. Your store icon/graphics/visibility matters more. If you are asking 200$, then people will always research more and the decision is more weighted on documentation, user reviews, how professional does your site/support/etc seem. When I put my product in the Asset Store, I didn't really have a clue, but I figured that my product's actual value is atleast double the 50$ that I'm asking. I was unknown at the forums and my product was new. I didn't have any documentation, pure instructional videos or website (still don't but working on it). I felt that it's better to sell cheap and then raise the prize after the product matures and you get your shit together. Also the low price made it possible to write the "sensational" blog post which attracted 20k page views in 3 days, which in turn has now attracted more viral stuff like reviews. Just my two cents. btw. the sales are not over 10 units per day anymore, since the hype is calmed down, but I'll be doing a follow up post after one month is due (which is 23th).