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  1. [font=verdana, geneva, lucida,]Greetings, devs! Do you want your games to reach a bigger market and be enjoyed by possibly thousands of new users? We can help you! I am Gabriel, member of kayoii, a group of experienced translators and avid gamers focused on game localization. We have extensive gaming experience and all the tools necessary to carry out professional localization for games of all genres and platforms. As a team, we recently helped to make possible the release of the Spanish and Japanese localized versions of the critically acclaimed puzzle game SpaceChem on PC, as well as the multi-language release of two iPhone games by Lakoo, the creators of the immensely popular iPhone MMO game, Empire Online. Not only that, but many other developers have chosen us as their partners for their future localization needs! We work with many languages, including Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, Danish and others. Above all, we are very indie-friendly and offer attractive prices, step-by-step communication and direct support throughout the whole process! If interested, please do not hesitate to contact us through a PM here or at our e-mail address, [email="hello@kayoii.com"]hello@kayoii.com[/email]! Regards, Gabriel[/font]
  2. kayoii

    [Action RPG] Eternal Grace Episode 1

    Greetings! We are wondering if you would be interested in translating your game into Spanish. We would gladly use a no-upfront payment model, so you do not have to pay us until your game is released. If you are interested, please do send me your e-mail through a PM and we can get in touch! Regards, Gabriel Kayoii Game Translations - www.kayoii.com
  3. Ruphert, Would you be interested in localization services for your game? We can even work out a free deal for your indie game If interested, please do send me your e-mail address through a PM and we can get in contact! Regards, Gabriel
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