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  1. My strong recommendation is a JavaScript stack for both backend (NodeJS) and frontend. It's a stack that scales both in performance and productivity and it has a thriving community. On top of using modern ES6, there are a ton of available frameworks to help you, my personal favorite being React.
  2. Very pleasant art style!
  3. Winter is coming!

    Very nice timelapse!
  4. Launched Spellbound on Steam

  5. Spellbound Game Play Video

    Very nice. I like the spell that looks like you kind of flinging away with a sideways motion. I am totally unfamiliar with VR so can't comment on the experience, but it looks good compared some other VR games I've seen. Must be a challange to find things that works for VR I guess.   BTW, where is the crow? Did you cut it?
  6. March 2016: Funding ran out

    Seems to me that early access could actually be a viable option, since it could help fund your continued development. People buying a game during early access is well aware of what they are buying - the early access to a game that isn't complete yet. As long as you release a build which is stable but not feature complete, I think you should be fine. This is one situation where I think the concept of early access actually makes a lot of sense, maybe you should think about it before dismissing it.
  7. Renderer bells and whistles

    Indeed, looks great!
  8. Personal Update

    Glad u made it!
  9. Many huge announcements!

    Congratulations, well deserved. Have to agree with Stormynature though - a move like that might damage your reputation. It worked for Game Dev Tycoon because of the genre, in fact I think it was a super clever PR trick.

    It's amazing how stuff that are just minor details turns out to be major features at times.. Maybe a pet focused game like Pokémon would do well in VR? As you say, it's hard to imagine how much this impacts the gameplay by just reading about it, but I'll take your word for it. Sounds kind of like Navi in Zelda OOT. Please leave out the "HEY! Listen!" part though ;)

  12. Smoothing out level 2 and 3.

    Seems like simple but effective solutions - nice!
  13. As fastcall22 said. More precisely you can apply paging using "skip take". For example: // things are of type DbSet var pageSize = 10; var page = 2; // passed in from view var pagedResult = things.AsQueryable().Where(thing => thing.IsAccesible).Skip((page - 1) * pageSize).Take(pageSize).ToArray();
  14. If an RPG falls in a forest, but the trees suck, does anyone care?

    [quote name="Servant of the Lord" timestamp="1447441299"]Here's one-third trunk and two-thirds leaves: [url=][/url] I think it does look nice. I'll probably do a mix, and make the leaves vary.   (note: shadows not yet corrected in that shot)[/quote] Looks great!