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  1. According to the team to the user's conditions, provide low-cost and high quality custom 3d services. Please provide us with the following info to enable us respond appropriately to your request: 1.A reference photo/image/sketch/artwork of what you want? 2.Do you want it in low poly or high poly/ high resolution? 3.What file format do you need it in (for example, 3dsmax,fbx, maya, etc)? 4.What is you budget (that is, how much do you have available for this project)? 5.NDA a simple, well-referenced model can often be completed for as little as $100. More complex models can cost about $1,000+. We look forward to happy and successful cooperation between us. Contact me : [email=zero0086@gmail.com]zero0086@gmail.com[/email] BE3D Photo Albums : http://be3d.imgur.com My Web : http://www.be3dmodel.com Example?
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