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    Weird Heightmapping issue

    [size=1]Hello! My team is currently running into an issue while attempting to create a lod imposter system generator. Basically you put in a model and it spits out the heightmaps/normal maps/ and texture maps, from all angles, to be used as an imposter in-game. The problem is though, the front and back, or left and right, or so-on view, do not match up, so when the imposter is drawn its all messed up. There is a way to fix this though, say your looking at the front view. Get the back view, drop the brightness all the way, and put it behind the front view and mirror it, then align it to the front view. This fixes the issue on the imposter, but thats not intuitive. The heightmaps we are trying to make are for asteroids, but we just can not get opposing views to match up. It doesnt make sense... Any ideas on how to solve this? I can post pics if it helps you understand the problem. All solved.
  2. Hello, I am the 3d modeler for a game called Outsider. We have decided to insert animations into the engine.. We want support for both key frame and skeletal animations. The question I have is what file formats work for this, and how can I export my 3ds max files into these formats. Id appreciate any help!
  3. Is MD5 a good format for animations of all types? Thanks for the link!
  4. Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew of a program that worked like a wind tunnel, one that would calculate lift and drag on 3d models that you import into its engine. I don't know of any personally, a quick Google search was useless, didn't come up with any software.. Not sure if any exist.. But it seems to me like it has too be out there somewhere. So let me know if you know of anything like it. I have no doubt itll be expensive if it's this hard too find.
  5. Wrongfire

    Aerodynamics simulator/wind tunnel

    Just thought id post my results. X plane doesn't do fluid dynamics, so the closest I could get was using 3ds and maya. Id like other peoples opinions, but I think, according to those 2 wind tunnels, the ship is creating mostly drag and downforce, and not enough lift. Not a serious project, just experimenting.
  6. Wrongfire

    Aerodynamics simulator/wind tunnel

    Thanks for the link, seems like X-plane is my best bet. My goal is to see how air vents in a frame effect the aerodynamics. When air vents are useful or unnecessary, and of course to see if my 3d models could fly if they really existed.
  7. Wrongfire

    PAZE Forestscreenie Big

  8. Wrongfire


    Is this like a 2d gta? I really like the artstyle!
  9. Wrongfire


    I dunno what this game is, but i am intrigued!
  10. Wrongfire

    near village

    The contrast between the grass and the ground texture is a bit much, otherwise this scene looks nice
  11. Wrongfire


    I like it, id say change the atmospheric effects on the mountains to blend more with the sky, or make the lower sky a slightly darker blue to match the mountains
  12. Wrongfire

    Heightmap issue

    Hey, I am new and I signed up for just one issue thats been bugging me for months. It's the barrier between getting level of detail in this game, I need a heightmap of a 3d model. However I just cannot figure out how to get a heightmap from the front and the back of this model. I checked online for heightmap editors but they were for landscapes, and I am trying to get a heightmap of a 3d object from all (well just 2) sides. I have 3ds max 2010, any help would be SOOOOOOOOOO appreciated. This stupid little issue that I never thought would come up has been holding the project back graphically It needs to be according to the UV map. I don't know WHY this is so hard. I did render to texture, heightmap.. nothing... I did this gradient trick, but it doesn't work for both sides. I just don't know what to do. Please help me! The final product needs to be precise too, exactly fitting within the 1024 1024 uvmap.
  13. Wrongfire

    Heightmap issue

    Thanks a ton, I can't tell you how helpful this was! I have been looking around for about two months off and on to try and find out how to solve a problem that I never thought would be a problem.. lol Our game can finally have LoD and that is extremely exciting! I appreciate all the help!
  14. Wrongfire

    Heightmap issue

    Awesome! Thanks so much, just one more thing, I added a 2nd camera, but when I press 0 it goes to the old one, How do I toggle which camera the render will use? Also is there a way to orbit the camera around the center point of the asteroid? Need to get the 2nd image to view the exact opposite side of the asteroid, or at least as close as possible to it.
  15. Wrongfire

    Heightmap issue

    I cant figure out how to do it in 3ds max. It just says all the rays miss when I try to bake it. I just got blender, could you go through step by step on how you got your displacement map? I have no clue how to use this program.
  16. Wrongfire

    Heightmap issue

    Yes, that depth map is exactly right, just needs to be inverted! how did you do that? And is it possible to get the depth map of the back side of the asteroid with the same size and orientation? Is blender easier for this stuff then 3ds? Lastly, I guess it isn't important if the normal map lines up, the height map can be 2 separate images, one of the front, and one of the back, while the normal map uses the UV map, if that makes things easier.
  17. Wrongfire

    Heightmap issue

    Hey, here's a quote of how the lod system is working. "we take a view of the asteroid from one side, with each pixel recording its distance to the camera and then a view from the other side, this gives us two heightmaps, The engine draws a cube, and uses a shader to raycast into the cube, and figure out if the ray from the camera through the cube is intersecting one of the heightmaps and where it's doing so from there. We then take a view from both sides again that record the texture coordinates as RG colors so we can index in and get the object's stuff from it's normal map (object-space, not tangent space), as well as its texture color" The advantage to this method is that the lod asteroids can rotate and move freely in the distance, and it's only rendering 8 vertex's from the cube, and then the amount of pixels visible from the lod asteriod, which is around 30 or so each. depending on it's distance.
  18. Wrongfire

    Heightmap issue

    I'm waiting for the programmer to get back to me on your question, but I know that the normal map and the heightmap need to match up exactly. Couldn't I cut the asteroid in half, and use only half the UV map, to do a normal height map technique on it? and then just do the other side separately? I don't know anything about scripting in 3ds, so Id have a really hard time trying to do that. But do you think that raycasting technique could create the heightmap and the uv map at the same time? It might work that way.
  19. Wrongfire

    Heightmap issue

    Yeah for sure.. I was almost going to make a video explaining it. (Ive looked all over google and youtube as well.. No one uses height maps like this I guess..?) Okay so here's the deal, It's a space rpg game, we are rendering lod objects via a 3d box that uses a normal map and a heightmap to project objects that are far away.. I think?.. I don't know the technical side of it but the programmer says it looks way better then just 2d billboards. I need a heightmap, and I already have the normal map. Screenshots: So that's the model, and the uv map for it. What I need is for each of those sides represented in the map to show a heightmap from that angle.. If that makes sense.. So 2 height maps of the same model from 2 different angles, the ones in the uv map. If I need to show anything more im more then willing too if it'll help you help me solve this!
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