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    Blender 2.58 Tutorial

    Hello, I just downloaded Blender version 2.58 and I'm wondering if anyone can point me to some tutorials or guides for beginners? I've used an earlier version before, but now the user interface is much different from the last time I used it, and it's really difficult to figure out all on my own. So far I have seen tutorials for advanced projects on Youtube, but those are difficult to follow- I really want to get a solid grasp of the basics first. Any help at all is greatly appreciated!
  2. Hello everyone, This is a very broad question...I apologize, and I hope this is an appropriate topic to discuss on this forum. I am learning some C++ right now and understand how some aspects of that can be applied to games in general. However, I am curious about how game characters are actually programmed? I know that modeling, rigging, texturing and so forth is done via software like Softimage/Maya/3ds Max, etc. and that these end up being imported into game engines and what not, but what is the next step after that? What kind of programming/scripting languages and methodologies are often used in getting characters actually ready be responsive to player input to do the things that they need to get done? Where is the line drawn between the programming and the creative sides of gaming? Again, sorry about how ridiculous of a question this must sound...I'm just very interested in what makes all of our favorite game characters tick. Can anyone please explain or point me in the right direction to learn more about this on my own? I really appreciate it! :-)
  3. Hi everybody, I just have one question right now: First of all, my Windows XP is, well, old. I mean about 6 years old, and I am planning on investing in a new PC before long, (with some luck I will start teaching English in Japan pretty soon so I can eventually afford one ). My XP had issues an out of date graphics card or something, and I couldn't do any of the XNA tutorials. That said, while I wait I really want to continue working with C++ (the language I started learning, feel comfortable with introductory concepts and even started doing some simple object-oriented programming). My question: is there an IDE and/or a way of compiling/running C++ programs on a Macbook Pro WITHOUT having to register as a developer with Apple? That sounds like a pain to deal with...and I don't want to sign anything that lets Apple own anything I might make someday, although I doubt they want anything I have to offer I have searched around for a while but am having difficulty getting anything done. If worse comes to worse, until I get a new monster machine and Visual C++, I could just practice writing code with pen and paper, doing exercises from a textbook that I have... Anyways, thank you for your time and help. : )
  4. ??????????


    Hello everyone, I'm just another person interested in developing games and am seeking some advice. I've learned some C++ and can implement the basics (data types, arrays, boolean logic, etc.) and am trying to get better with other topics like references and pointers, class design, and other data structures (i.e. linked lists, trees...), as well as other things that I haven't mentioned...I know there is a long way to go. That said, I'm primarily interested in the following aspects of the game development: 1. Graphics (I really have grown to appreciate the visual style of some games, and would like to pursue some of my own); 2. gameplay mechanics(?) -for instance, I am interested in what makes games of different genre's work (I hope that makes sense, as I'm not very sure how to explain it T_T) So, while I'm currently learning some C++ (from what I have observed is the industry standard), I was thinking of eventually looking into shader development. My first question is, when developers use graphics software such as 3ds Max or Softimage, can they create their own custom shaders to achieve a desired visual effect? And are shaders developed with GLSL/Cg/Direct3D? My second question is, are there limits to what kinds of games people can make using pre-existing engines such as Unity or Unreal? I apologize if I'm getting ahead of myself, I'm just lost as to where I should start, because many people seem to agree that the best way to get into game development is to start small, and build your way up. Assuming I manage to progress in my studies of C++, where would I go from there? Much thanks for your time, and I apologize for my noobishness : )
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