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    Confused about C++

    what i think it means and from what i know is this(from Visual Studio experiance): and IDE like Visual Studio which stromchin so kindly mentioned and Dev-C++ are a way of Graphically editing it (as opposed to writeing code in a standard text editor) (and i vouch for Visual Studio as it is very good in my opinion) but it is still compiled through the 'Command Line', IE VS can do error checking, Syntax and so on but it uses the 'Command Line' to tell MSBUILD to compile your app with all relevent data and such (i may be a bit off here but as far as i know this is correct) and then VS attaches its debugger to your exe. does that help ? [/quote] It does help, I'm going to try to get myself a copy of Visual Studio soon to start playing around with.
  2. JimmyLeeMullins

    Confused about C++

    Thanks for the information guys, I just didn't want to waste time on something if it wasn't the right thing I needed. I am going through the book now and mostly its pretty much the same as my Java class, so I'm able to breeze through a lot of the material. Any recommendations on where I go from there? Browsing through my book its pretty much loops, arrays, inheritence and so forth. I already know the basics of this but once I feel comfortable with them is there a book or tutorial that will take me to the next step? Once I get through expressions and operations I want to start learning about programming actual apps from Windows, so where do I go from here?
  3. JimmyLeeMullins

    Confused about C++

    My class used Java. But it was the same thing, all command line. I guess if the book will teach me the required information to learn what is needed to create games then I will stick with it.
  4. JimmyLeeMullins

    Confused about C++

    I've been wanting to learn C++ for awhile now, I recently finished an object-oriented programming class and did fairly well there. So today I decided I'm going to start learning C++ in my spare time between my other classes. So I cracked open my C++ for Dummies book I've had lying around and went through the steps of setting up Dev-C++ on my machine and started reading through the book. The books says that everything in the book is command line based. This is where I am confused, I know that C++ is used for many applications and most games, but am I missing something? How can I learn to create games if everything is command line based. I did a quick search here and couldn't find my answer.
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