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    How to create a 3d vector field in MATLAB

    sorry about that, same question i asked here http://www.gamedev.net/topic/602596-generate-random-3d-vector-field/page__p__4814002__fromsearch__1#entry4814002
  2. OtterBarcelona

    generate random 3d vector field

    yes, yes it is, because i'm more into visualizing, but now, i'm stuck how to choose vector data, because i dont have any i tried googled 3d vector field data, but failed, could you do me an omelet size of favor to upload it, it would be much appreciated i tried using lorenz attractor, but i need more data, so i can tackled more issues in visualizing vector fields thanks can you be more specific, because the problem is now, i never take any class on engineering so i found it very difficult to understand vector field subject, thanks
  3. [color=#333333][font=arial, helvetica, clean, sans-serif][size=2] How to create 3D vector field in matlab, or any simple equation thanks in advance [/font]
  4. OtterBarcelona

    gauss interpolation

    hi, can someone assist me on how to do a gauss interpolation (based on RBF), maybe an algorithm how to calculate i've generate a random data 3d on [-1,1][-1,1][-1,1], now i want to intepolate to visualize a line out of it i'm using python thanks in advance
  5. OtterBarcelona

    generate random 3d vector field

    thank you Antheus for the fast reply, very appreciated i'm using python so i can render using mayavi, my code are something like this (not all) x, y, z = numpy.mgrid[-[color=#341bd3]1:[color=#341bd3]1:[color=#341bd3]100j,-[color=#341bd3]1:[color=#341bd3]1:[color=#341bd3]100j,-[color=#341bd3]1:[color=#341bd3]1:[color=#341bd3]70j] (this is my region) to call a streamline i write mlab.flow(x, y, z,u, v, w) the question is how to and can i randomize u, v, w ? thanks
  6. hi, my project required me to visualize 3D vector field using various techniques but i am now stuck at how to generate random 3d vector fields been reading various paper, some suggested to used Radial Basis Function (RBF), POlynomial, or Lyapunoz exponent, can someone guide me on how to generate random vector field using this function and an algorithm how to compute for this function will be icing on a cake thanks in advance (i hope i put in a correct topic)
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