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  1. sanchopan

    ConsoleDX v2 Released

    Hello,   Wanted to drop in and say that the third major iteration of the "console powered by DirectX" project is out, available now as ConsoleDX v2.0.   This software is free.  ConsoleDX is a UI replacement for the Windows console/command line window.  Instead of the boring black-and-white command line you’re used to, ConsoleDX gives you glowing letters and cursors, shimmering digital rain, zooming stars, and many other customizable themes.   http://consoledx.wordpress.com/
  2. sanchopan

    DirectX Powered Console Apps

    A new build is out: http://consolium.wordpress.com The settings bug is fixed, and exiting the underlying console app causes Consolium to exit as well. So, typing 'exit' in cmd.exe will close the window. Thanks for the feedback!
  3. sanchopan

    DirectX Powered Console Apps

    You're correct. When I added telnet through control panel using the 'turn off/on windows features' option it seemed to install c:\windows\system32 elnet.exe. But it didn't, there is no such file. Instead there is a file located (on my system) here: c:\Windows\winsxs\amd64_microsoft-windows-telnet-client_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.16385_none_1426830c3ebb712d elnet.exe And this file is not a normal console command. I would guess its a windows app that does its own console tricks. I'll try installing what I would hope is a more normal, IO based console app and see if that works, which it should. Thanks for the heads up on that. As for exit, yes I believe there is more work I can do there, but hadn't implemented it just yet. There are probably several approaches, but the HWND and console handles I had still looked good, so I left it for now and went on to other features :-). But I'll get back to it. Thanks so much for your feedback, it really helps!
  4. sanchopan

    DirectX Powered Console Apps

    Thanks, and thanks so much for the feedback. Did Telnet launch and not work, or was it not found in your path? As for the path/environment variables, Consolium by deafult launches with: C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe /t:0f If you launch that, it should behave the same way as Consolium. Maybe you are using a different shortcut for your old console, or your old shortcut starts in a different directory? If you were using a VS2010 shortcut, or some other shortcut that runs an environment script at launch, you would need to adjust your Startup Cmd to be the same. For example, if you have a build/compile window shortcut that loads in a script with all sorts of settings specific to your tools. In Consolium you can create as many shortcuts as you want--with different themes and different launch apps, one for cmd.exe, one for VS2010 cmd.exe, and one for other console apps as well. Also Consolium doesn't know about your path, or even about what you're typing, it's a pass-through to the underlying console app. Consolium just attaches to the console buffer and renders whatever happens to be in it. Input messages are forwarded to the underlying app. Thanks for the repro on the settings bug...that is a great help. I'll get that fixed straightaway. As for exit...for now I at least should pop up a UI block that says, "Use X to Close Consolium" to avoid confusion. Thanks for reminding me. The exit keyword is tricky because Consolium doesn't know what you're typing. Maybe you were exiting an FTP session, or exiting a script. Due to the way I attach to the underlying console and retain it's window handle, its not completely apparent when the process has stopped responding. A good feature to add though.
  5. I've created a console front-end for Windows console apps using DirectX: Consolium. It allows for glowing cursors, visual effects, all while running a console app, be it cmd.exe, Powershell, the Python interpreter, MySql, or the UNIX-ish CygWin tools. http://consolium.wordpress.com/screenshots/ Themes are fully customizable, as are cursors and many of the textures used. This is a follow on to Tritium, a command line interface I released in January. Tritium was similar, but could not run interactive applications, or anything like ftp, Python, MySql, or Powershell. I created a completely new backend for Consolium that integrates directly with the console. The current release is an unrestricted beta. The 1.0 release will require no license keys, and the 'trial' will not have a forced expiration or be limited in anyway. Please take a look...feature requests and bug gripes always welcome! http://consolium.wordpress.com
  6. sanchopan

    Why would this fail?

    In tightening up your memory management it might be helpful to add this line at the start of main(), if you haven't already...it will alert you of leaks and potentially where they are, which might also lead to discovering where the heap is getting corrupted. [font="Consolas"][size="2"][color="#0000ff"][font="Consolas"][size="2"][color="#0000ff"][font="Consolas"][size="2"][color="#0000ff"]#if[/font][/font][/font][font="Consolas"][size="2"][font="Consolas"][size="2"] [/font][/font][font="Consolas"][size="2"][color="#0000ff"][font="Consolas"][size="2"][color="#0000ff"][font="Consolas"][size="2"][color="#0000ff"]defined[/font][/font][/font][font="Consolas"][size="2"][font="Consolas"][size="2"](DEBUG) | [/font][/font][font="Consolas"][size="2"][color="#0000ff"][font="Consolas"][size="2"][color="#0000ff"][font="Consolas"][size="2"][color="#0000ff"]defined[/font][/font][/font][font="Consolas"][size="2"][font="Consolas"][size="2"](_DEBUG)[/font][/font] [font="Consolas"][size="2"][font="Consolas"][size="2"] _CrtSetDbgFlag( _CRTDBG_ALLOC_MEM_DF | _CRTDBG_LEAK_CHECK_DF );[/font][/font] [font="Consolas"][size="2"][color="#0000ff"][font="Consolas"][size="2"][color="#0000ff"][font="Consolas"][size="2"][color="#0000ff"]#endif[/font][/font][/font]
  7. sanchopan

    Cmd.exe Redone in DirectX

    Thank you Sepiantum....and thanks for the note and screenshot about the pause command--much appreciated. I'll look into it. It appears <enter> works, but not other keys. One other related caveat, Tritium won't work with old-fashioned console apps like Midnight Commander, Vi, or Emacs...things that depend heavily on console text APIs to build text menus and navigation. It was designed for typical command line IO. Tritium *does* implement tab completion, copy/paste (ctrl-x/ctrl-v), ctrl-c for script termination, command history using the arrow keys, and the <cmd>|more construct (or more <file.txt>), command line editing with arrows, home, end, and delete keys, and some other things too. Thanks for giving it a try and for the feedback!
  8. sanchopan

    Cmd.exe Redone in DirectX

    Hello everyone...I joined up early last year but never got around to posting, and now what I was working on is finally (almost) done. It's a DirectX powered command line environment for Windows. Basically cmd.exe redone with graphics acceleration. It's called Tritium. So if you pop up a command window to run svn, start builds, check network connectivity, and so on, with Tritium you can do it in a way that looks far cooler! Tritium has a bunch of different themes and special effects, and is fully customizable. It has a configuration tool that is flexible, but it also has human-readable configuration files and editable texture files (.png). Please try it out if it sounds appealing: http://www.stewdogdigital.com/try.html This is the command line window...it works just like a cmd.exe prompt, except the background has a digital rain effect going on... This is the configuration window....lots of options but you can override things directly in the config files. Usage and theme creation are fully documented at http://www.stewdogdi...umentation.html Please take a look, and please forgive me if you think this is unwarranted spam...it's just an announcement. Thanks!
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