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  1. I open-sourced a Unity3D library & demo that shows how to plan and move a ballistic projectile targeting a (moving) target under the influence of air resistance and (constant) wind. Trajectory plans can be calculated to hit a specific target with: a given initial speed, a given flight time, minimum initial speed/energy, or (experimentally) given the constraint to shoot over other obstacles in the scene, and more. To do so, it doesn't simulate the trajectory directly using Unity's physics simulation but rather closely approximates it analytically using the formulas presented in my paper "Analytical Ballistic Trajectories with Approximately Linear Drag". Because of this approach, it's fast, completely deterministic, exact and frame-rate independent.The code may be used freely for commercial and non-commercial projects.     A web player version of the demo can be found here.  See http://www.decarpentier.nl/ballistic-trajectories for more info.   Enjoy! Giliam
  2. Using a virtual camera with a large FOV can cause objectionable distortion near the screen’s edges. The article at http://www.decarpentier.nl/lens-distortion introduces a novel barrel distortion post effect that may be used to reduce stretch in this case. The effect can be controlled through multiple tweakable parameters, and requires only 2 additional instruction slots of a post effect’s fragment shader.  Before: After:   It also contains a link to an open-source Ogre3D and WebGL example to play with the effect in real-time.   Giliam de Carpentier www.decarpentier.nl
  3. gdecarp

    C++ Plugin Debug Log with Unity

    Hi Hojjat. Exactly what I needed, and got it to work in no time. And personally, I think the writing is clear enough for anyone that's already somewhat familiar with basic C++ Unity plugin writing, Thanks!
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