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    [web] Live Beta: Infinite Mario in HTML5!

    Thank you all very much! Perhaps, yes, but Notch still has his up, so I'm assuming it's all good for now. If they send over a cease and desist letter, I'll over to give it to them for free. Probably save me some bandwidth issues anyway. In other news, a competitive version integrated with Facebook is up and running. Hacked it out in 3 hours, so... be wary. Basically how it goes is you get 3 lives to get as far as you can. When you die, and if it's your high score, your high score on the leaderboard is updated. Coins count as 1 point, but getting 100 of them doesn't give you a 1-up, otherwise the game would never end. When you complete a level, you get 100 points plus the amount of time you had left, thus an incentive to finish levels as quickly as possible. Enjoy! http://mario.fromlifetodeath.com/competitive.php
  2. robertkleffner

    [web] Live Beta: Infinite Mario in HTML5!

    It should be frame rate agnostic. However, I did have it set at 30 FPS, so I decreased it to 24 FPS which is what Notch had his version at originally. It is slightly slower now. I'm not sure if I like it as much, it was more challenging at 30 FPS. But I'll leave it at 24.
  3. robertkleffner

    [web] Live Beta: Infinite Mario in HTML5!

    Thank you for the notice. I should have the issue fixed. I removed the background music from ALL live versions. Seems to not work even in FF4 on Windows. Sound is still included on the dev version, and I now think Chrome will perhaps perform the best out of all the browsers for the live version. I did notice a severe lag in FF4 on Windows 7, but that could be because I am running Windows 7 on a VM.
  4. robertkleffner

    [web] Live Beta: Infinite Mario in HTML5!

    Final version live. Same issues with sound in browsers except Firefox 4. May audio development for HTML5 continue as fast as possible... http://mario.fromlifetodeath.com/
  5. Hey all! I am pleased to announce that you all will be the first to know about the live beta for Infinite Mario in HTML5. I've spent a couple of months porting the Java applet version written originally by Markus Persson (Notch) over to JavaScript. The link is here: http://mario.fromlif...m/dev/main.html BUT FIRST: There is an issue playing background music in Chrome. Well, there's just issues playing sound in Chrome in general, but background music especially. So there is currently no background music in the Chrome version. If you have any suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them! Except for Flash. I want to keep this strictly non-Flash. Firefox 4 and Safari seem to work the best. Obviously any IE is out of the question. I have not extensively tested any version lower than 4 for Firefox, so be prepared for some bugs. The Controls: S: Enter level on Map, Jump in level A: Shoot fireball (if fire powerup, obviously) Left, Right: Movement! The source code is not compressed (for lower speed browser connections, it is unlikely you will get much enjoyment from my highly unoptimized load process). This means you a free to browse around and see how things were done, or offer suggestions if you have any. Eventually, in a more finalized version, I will be minifying the source code and the uncompressed version to GitHub. Enjoy! Rob Kleffner
  6. robertkleffner

    [web] Game Music in HTML5

    I'll take that sage advice. Any work I don't have to do is a plus for me! Currently Chrome doesn't play sound background music, and there is still a slight issue with anything Firefox below version 4, but other than that I think its good. Too bad HTML5 sound isn't as awesome as it could be just yet...
  7. I've been working on a small HTML5 game project for a while now. Everything has been going smoothly, except for audio. Currently, the usability of HTML5 for audio seems highly limited based on the admittedly limited googling I've done. There seems to be no universal sound format that browsers support, and even when the audio works in a specific browser, manipulating it (such as looping or resetting the sound) is difficult at best and seems to cause problems. Oddly enough, Chrome seems to have the most problems of any modern browser (assuming that no version of IE is a modern browser). Firefox 4 has been the browser I've had luck with the most. A bit of a description on the audio I am playing. For background music, I'm using midi that has been converted to base64 and is being passed as a URI. Yes, it is ugly and it uses the embed element (and so isn't even really HTML5) but as far as looping goes this is by far the most seamless method I've tried. For other sounds in the game, I'm using little .wav files with the HTML5 Audio API. Google Chrome is, sadly, not too compatible with .wav files just yet, and when I tested the embed element on my Mac last night, those didn't work either. Safari plays the .wav sounds but not the music in the embed elements. Again, Firefox 4 plays all of them flawlessly. I'd prefer to have more than one browser's support WITHOUT using Flash. I've seen a couple of libraries, the most notable of which is SoundManager 2. It uses a flash fall-back if the browser does not support HTML5. But I'd like the expert opinion of the members on this forum. Are there any feasible ways to easily get cross platform sound?
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