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  1. RT @pagemag: Spielerisch eine Agentur gründen und auf Kundenfang gehen: das Browser-Game AdsLife im Look & Feel von »Mad Men«...
  2. A player's pick line to #adslife bartender girl: "That's not spare time, darling, that's creative workout." #playersAreJustGreat
  3. Interesting: game narrative trumping mechanics http://ow.ly/5Fgpe by @gameism
  4. Will be adding a series of web-cut-scenes to Adslife before final release - keep following us #adslife
  5. An ad from #Adslife for Ikea The Dialogue: http://t.co/xIDJXfe
  6. RT @ppolsinelli: On a Mad Men Facebook app for creating ads: http://ow.ly/5ElFn #MadMen
  7. Adslife is so bad that playing it replaced the death penalty in 7 states - http://adslifegame.com #adslife #woodyallen
  8. Adslife as Google Chrome web app: http://ow.ly/5Dncx #adslife
  9. I propose the idea of using divs instead of tables for HTML layout as silliest idea of the century #wastingTimeInSillyProblems
  10. Storymoto - the JavaScript game story engine is online with demo and docs: http://storymoto.gamamoto.com/ #storymoto (via @gamamotogames)
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