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  1. Yep. I guess they didn't pay for their domain :)
  2. m_waddams

    The Problem With Capitalism

      So let's say, for argument's sake, that in 50 years it is actually possible to have robotic "slaves" that produce many goods and services, in such a capacity that it allows us to cover the basic needs of every person in Earth, regardless of whether they work or not. Some people might actually choose to do some work for personal gratification, or to gain access to extra luxuries, or both. You're saying you would actually outlaw this, so that everyone *has* to work for their food, regardless if it's no longer necessary?   Of course not. *When* robots can take care of us, money is irrelevant. Until then. Capitalism rules.
  3. m_waddams

    The Problem With Capitalism

    It never ceases to amaze me how some people seem to actually get offended by *any* insinuation that this world can get better/more fair. Well? How does it get more fair? Basic Income is nut jobs wanting money without working.     So you're okay with a basic income for children then? Or are you of the opinion that a kid should be punished if their legal custodians have no talent in making money? Children should get child care. So every child gets the same. But you can't expect free money once you're an adult. Gene was an idiot (However much I like Star Trek).   Why would anyone serve? On Star Trek there are a lot of people that do menial jobs. Why? I'm guessing because they need money...   Because they go to space, man! I mean, there are people with billions that still go to the office everyday to do some bullshit job pushing numbers. Why do they do it? They couldn't even spend all their money if they wanted to. Why does Buffet do it? Why don't they just cash in and go lie on the beach all day?    People with billions can do whatever they like. This OP is obviously a 'Basic Income' advocate. They just want free money to do whatever they like, and have robots do the work. Grow up.
  4. m_waddams

    The Problem With Capitalism

    TL;DR.   Maybe you'd like to try that in a couple of sentences. You sound like one of those Basic Income nut jobs. Work for your money.
  5. m_waddams

    My First Videogame Failed Conquering The Market

    This is just a simple 2D game, pimped with some 3D. And then you want people to watch ads too. Get a life.
  6. m_waddams

    Indian spam

    And... it's back :)
  7. I'm a bit disappointed with Gamedevs handling of this Indian spam. Either just block India, or use some other obvious block... It's not like it's original or anything...
  8. http://gamedev.stackexchange.com/questions/46594/elegant-autotiling   I would go for bitwise.   Oh, and it's 'DUNGEON', not 'DUENGON' :) (Unless that means something I don't know about of course...)
  9. Stencyl. GameSalad.   Not sure about the licenses though.
  10. m_waddams

    RPG Style Game. Every Position Needed!

    Would help if you put up the programming language, engine, resources, etc...
  11. m_waddams

    Now What For The UK ?

    Wait until Merkel gives away visa-free travel to 75 million Turks. Then you'll thank Nigel on your knees...     Visa-free travel ( for short term visit ) isn't same as EU membership recklessly granted to latest member states. And UK has never been part of Schengen visa regime, so they were not affected at all of these "75 million Turks" horror story, all this "oh my God, Turks are coming" was complete nonsense for Brexit.   There will not be the flock/horde/run/invasion as expected if Turks get visa-free travel , but if it will make you happy Turkish president is trying to blackmail EU so it may not even be possible in short/mid term. That's pretty naive. Merkel invites them, and then they end up in the UK. And Erdogan is winning his blackmail, so Merkel will keep giving in, to the point of Turkey joining the EU. Luckily every other country will leave, so Merkel and Erdogan can be happy together.
  12. m_waddams

    Now What For The UK ?

    Wait until Merkel gives away visa-free travel to 75 million Turks. Then you'll thank Nigel on your knees...
  13. m_waddams

    Now What For The UK ?

    About 1 day probably. The interesting thing to see is that the FTSE is doing a lot better than the EU markets :) Germany is a lot worse of than the UK.
  14. Sure. Games are not patented. Hardly anything is original. But what is your added value? You just say to the developers, this is a good game to copy... If you can live with that, go right ahead.
  15. m_waddams

    Breakout Animation for bricks.

    So you have 48 bricks. You could just use a brick counter. Draw only 1 brick per tick. Would take 48 ticks. You would definitely see that.
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