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  1. NandoSoftIndieGames

    [SDL] latest version fails to compile

    Ive downloaded the latest snapshot of sdl and it fails to compile it says it cannot find "Xaudio2.h" this is only happening on debug mode, on release mode it compiles fine Im using W7 32bits and VS2010
  2. NandoSoftIndieGames

    2D in Opengl 3.2?

    I though I was doing just that :S
  3. NandoSoftIndieGames

    2D in Opengl 3.2?

    Oh but Im doing 2D so I want to map vertices to pixel coordinates with this I have no geometry being rendered (if I toggle the ortho projection it displays the polygon tho) GLint _uniform_location_matrix = -1; glm::mat4 _projection(1.0f); _projection = glm::ortho(0, 800, 600, 0, -100, 100); CreateVBO(); Shader _basic_shader("..\\Resources\\Shaders\\Basic.v.glsl", "..\\Resources\\Shaders\\Basic.f.glsl"); _basic_shader.Compile(); if ( _basic_shader.GetProgramId() == NULL ) return; glUseProgram(_basic_shader.GetProgramId()); _uniform_location_matrix = glGetUniformLocation(_basic_shader.GetProgramId(), "mvpMatrix"); glUniformMatrix4fv(_uniform_location_matrix, 1, GL_FALSE, glm::value_ptr(_projection)); while(true)Render(); #version 400 uniform mat4 mvpMatrix; layout(location=0) in vec4 in_Position; layout(location=1) in vec4 in_Color; out vec4 ex_Color; void main(void) { gl_Position = mvpMatrix * in_Position; ex_Color = in_Color; } #version 400 in vec4 ex_Color; out vec4 out_Color; void main(void) { out_Color = ex_Color; }
  4. NandoSoftIndieGames

    2D in Opengl 3.2?

    what is that? Im using glDrawArrays to draw my geometry Im trying to use the core profile
  5. NandoSoftIndieGames

    2D in Opengl 3.2?

    Okay got my ortho matrix now what?
  6. NandoSoftIndieGames

    2D in Opengl 3.2?

    glOrtho? are you sure that works on 3.2?
  7. NandoSoftIndieGames

    OpenGL 2D in Opengl 3.2?

    Hello all I was wondering if there is a simple way of doing 2D in the new OpenGL Ive traveled the whole web for tutorials and all of these guys just keen on using screen coordinates for their purposes (-1,-1, 1,1) Yes ofcourse one could think to start dividing all your coords by your screen space but that is not a clean way of doing it specially if you want to render worlds bigger than your screen (In other words I dont want to have it that way on my project) So if anybody in here could teach me step by step on how to do this I would be thankful I already know how to create shader programs and all that stuff, the part that is really messing me up is; - where to set up my coordinate system - how to set it up
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