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  1. We really need some more writers/editors as we not happy with the current output of articles and news. If you have knack for writing and love gaming, please consider helping us out, its a volunteer post for now, but could look great for experience, portfolio and you will even have fun If you just enjoy writing about things you love. Articles are at the editors discrection and do not need any moderation or approval, we put the trust in your hands and hope you use it respectfully, if not, IndieBase does not need you. To help us out, contact IndieBase at [email="community@indiebase.co.uk"]community@indiebase.co.uk[/email] or use the contact form on our website.
  2. Hi all, just want to announce a new website created by both me and a friend called [color="#339900"]IndieBase. IndieBase is a new website which delivers reviews on all sorts of games, from triple A titles to obscure independent games. We also deliver original news & articles and post weekly deals and savings you can make on game purchases. There is a forum avaliable for discussions, and we welcome you to post, you can also comment on all our articles. You can get in touch with us via the contact form, and you can promote your own game or share some juicy gossip with us and get some credit. Were huge fans on Indie games and want to support them as much as possible, hence the name. IndieBase is also on the lookout for editors, contributors and authors, its an unpaid voluntary position, at least for now, but if you love writing and have a knack for gaming, we would love to have you on board. Use the contact form on our site to apply. You can follow us on [color="#339900"]Twitter, [color="#339900"]Facebook, & [color="#339900"]Steam Thanks for reading, please take a look at the site! [color="#339900"]www.indiebase.co.uk
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