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  1. Programming Portfolio

    Thanks for the feedback.   I think I need to spend some time on my documentation skills, as at the moment I've not really got anything that explains my thought process at all.
  2. Nothing to see here...
  3. Nothing to see here...
  4. Programming Portfolio

    Hi there GameDev!   I'm looking at moving out of the education sector and, you may already have guessed it, want to work in the games industry. I'm primarily a programmer, with most of my experience in Flash although I've dabbled in plenty of other languages (mainly Java and C++).   What I'd like some advice on is getting a portfolio together. I've chucked a couple of example games that I need to polish up on my site (www.rinsewashrepeat.co.uk) but I'm looking at how to present source code and ideas for what else people would want in an online portfolio.   I plan on going through my existing examples and tidying them up, but I'm wondering what it is that people would want to see in my code. I gather reusable and sensible functions and classes is a must, but what about commenting? How far do I go with commenting? Should I imagine that someone has taken over my game and needs to know what each var and function does?   With presenting my source code, what's the best way to go about doing this? Should I throw up the original files or paste them into a Word document first?   Also, what should I do for my next demo piece? I've got a couple of games that I'm working on, but would something more focused be beneficial? An example of shaders I've created, some physics demos? What would give me the edge in getting out of education and into the games world?   Any advice or links would be greatly appreciated, so thanks in advance!
  5. Everybody's favourite company does it again... http://trunc.it/go43o #foxconn