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  1. It does seem a bit odd, but I think is has to do with what gsamour is saying. Each quad segment is only 1.0 x 1.0 units so trying to shrink a 256x256 image onto each segment seems to be what was eating up the framerate. Just scaled down again to 64x64 and getting 160 fps now. In my previous tests I wasn't getting enough texture detail so I started using 256x256 textures, now with even smaller textures than I was using with the original test getting plenty of detail. Thank you all once again.
  2. Problem was the texture size, Very big improvement scaling them down to 128x128. With vsync getting 60fps, without vsync getting 130fps with a 50x50 grid now (5000 triangles). Wish I would of tried that a week ago befor trying to change everything in the code. Thank you all for your help.
  3. @pekarn: The reason it is only getting 60fps is because of the refresh rate of my monitor and have it set to draw with the vsync. I Hadn't thought of it that way though, I was thinking maybe losing 5-10fps at the most. @mhagain: Correct, I have it set to match the vsync, but I thought if I didn't it would cause screen tearing? I'll try turning it off and see what happens. I wasn't aware that a 256x256 texture was large, Always thought that was kind of small since most textures I see are in the area of 512x512 or 1024x1024, I'll try resizing it to 128x128 and see if it helps. My texture UV cords are the same in both stages, topleft is (u0.0,v0.0) and bottom right is (u1.0,v1.0) for each quad segment. Thank you both for your comments.
  4. @Krohm: Thank you, I wasn't aware that program was there, Been messing around with it to see if I can figure anything out. So far nothing seems out of sorts that I can see. As to the format, I am just using basic .BMP images for testing this out, the 2nd Texture is the same format as the Base Texture. Yes, Using the FFP. @Moe: Sorry forgot to say that, they are 256x256 each. Once this problem is sorted out I do plan to have an Image Sheet for each stage to cut back on texture usage. For now just using 1 "Tile" for each stage.
  5. I have been working on a basic terrain for my program, it is currently only a 10x10 grid of quads. When I use only a base texture for each quad the program runs fine at 60fps, but when I use a 2nd texture stage(Detail Texture) my program slows down to a crawl at 25fps. I can't seem to figure out why using 2 texture stage states is giving me so much of a slow down with only 200 triangles being rendered. At first I was just using a loop to draw each individual quad, reading around everyone was saying that is a bad idea so I put them all in a VertexBuffer and draw it in one call now, still same problem. I did also have my SetTexture command at the begining of the render loop which I moved outside the loop as well which didnt help. I went around changing all sorts of settings trying to see if something just wasnt set up right and nothing has worked. The only thing that has any effect is disabling the 2nd texture stage and only using the base texture. The only thing in my loop is updating the camera position and the 1 draw call, everything else is done at the begining befor the program enters the loop. Does anyone have any ideas to why this is happening? I've searched around for the past week trying to find an answer with no luck.
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