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  1. Jalien

    Infinite terrain rendering

    Thanks for you help, In my application,the camera maybe moves a long distance from the origin indeed.
  2. Jalien

    Infinite terrain rendering

    How to Generate new chunks? I know something about Fractal,but it seems to be unreal.
  3. Jalien

    Infinite terrain rendering

    I want to  rend a terrain by program algorithm, instead of loading the file.
  4. Jalien

    Infinite terrain rendering

    I know almost nothing about terrain programming so I'm reading the book Focus On 3D Terrain Programming,and I want to rend a  Infinite terrain just like the Flight Simulator Screensaver does,which you can download from this paper:http://www.longgame.com/download.htm  
  5. I want to rend a infinite terrain?but I don’t know how to do it?would you like help me?Thank you.
  6. Jalien

    Volumetric fog shader

    Thanks for your reply. Maybe I should learn something about ray-box intersection." for each pixel",Do you mean that I should use pixel shader? and "perform a ray-box intersection test in your fragment shader ", or fragment shader? I just don't know how to perform piexl operation. To answer "why?" you'd have to tell us what you did with GL_EXT_fog_coord, and what you expected it to do. That extension is designed to allow you to specify per-vertex fog in the fixed-function pipeline. [/quote] The source code is on the other computer. I used it in another engine. The engine offerd an interface for us to embed OpenGL code,I just use the GL_EXT_fog_coord to implement volumetric fog as NeHe's lesson 41,and then draw my scene. I just want to use it to simluate visibility underwater, the fog should exist only underwater. Thanks you again.
  7. I just want to get the effect as the picture shows: I use the OpenGL extention GL_EXT_fog_coord to implement volumetric fog, but, it seems to be the whole screen is filled with fog,why? For the purpose of studing,I want to use cg shader to implement volumetric fog.Does anyone get it?I found little information about it. I have spent a lot of time on it,but little progress I get. Any help will be apreciated.
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