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  1. beatlefan

    XNA equivalent of glVertex2f()?

    Those equivalent calls don't exist in xna (im 99% sure). For your case look into VertexPositionColor and DrawUserPrimitives. So its kinda like setting up vertex buffer in OpenGL except you don't use a vertex buffer unless you need/want one.
  2. beatlefan

    XNA 4.0 organization question

    No, sometime during your Game1.Draw() the enemy.Draw() function has to be called to be drawn. Now you don't have to make that call directly in the Game1.Draw() function, you can have an EnemyManager class that has a Draw(SpriteBatch) function and in that function you would draw the enemies. Though you would still have to do "enemyManager.Draw(spriteBatch);" in the Game1.Draw() function.
  3. beatlefan

    XNA 4.0 organization question

    What are you doing? it looks something like this right? public class Enemy { //stuff public void Draw(SpriteBatch sb) { sb.Draw(EnemyTexture, Position, Color.White); } } public class Game1 : Game { //stuff protected override Draw(GameTime gameTime) { GraphicsDevice.Clear(Color.Black); spriteBatch.Begin(); enemy.Draw(spriteBatch); spriteBatch.End(); base.Draw(gameTime); } }
  4. beatlefan

    Starting Language

    take a look at this.
  5. beatlefan

    keypress speed issues...

    What your doing is checking if the key is down. You want to check for key down events, which have a built in delay. So where you have your if (msg.message == WM_QUIT) you will want to add a else if(msg.message == WM_KEYDOWN) and if that's true check which key is down and move your tetris pieces.
  6. beatlefan

    keypress speed issues...

    It's because it's executing that code hundreds, if not, thousands of times per second. For something like this you would want to use the key down messages.
  7. beatlefan

    Simple Online C#/XNA Game

    I suggest looking into Lidgren networking library.
  8. beatlefan

    Python/Pygame or C#/XNA

    Completely free, unless you want to sell games for Xbox and/or Windows Phone 7, then you have to pay the $99 fee.
  9. beatlefan

    Jframe for Java game?

    No your fine without using any additional libraries. When I used Java I didn't use anything extra. You might find these interesting. The ones that involve creating the screen might be useful.
  10. beatlefan

    Help for an absolute beginner

    You should read the beginners FAQ... I personally recommend C#, then later, once you understand the language pretty well, learn and use XNA. XNA is 'framework', it provides a lot code for you to use to make graphical applications/games. With Unity3D you will be able to get results much faster and easier. You will still need to know how to code, though. OpenGL and DirectX are graphics APIs, kinda like XNA. The biggest difference between them is that OpenGL is crossplaftorm, while DirectX is windows only.
  11. beatlefan

    Game Maker To Flash (Swf)

    No, you can't. A quick Google search would answer your question .
  12. You probably downloaded the C++ SDK, I would think. What you want is SlimDX, so you can use the DirectInput API.
  13. beatlefan

    I finished my first game...now what?

    Shouldn't you be able to download multiple browsers and just run your game in there? I would test it in chrome, firefox, internet explorer, safari, and maybe opera.
  14. Your going to have to put: if( invincibleTimer.IsStarted() == true ) { if( invincibleTimer.GetTicks() >= 10000 ) { invincibleTimer.Stop(); hurt = false; } else hurt = true; } in an update function or something. The reason why is that no time will pass (maybe half a millisecond or less), from where you start the timer to where that code above is called, since they are in the same function.
  15. beatlefan

    Which route to take

    The in-browser version of Minecraft works perfectly fine in multiplayer. I'm guessing your talking about the more powerful part. C# does have more features, nothing too important, though. I'm sure you can get whatever you need to get done in either language.
  16. beatlefan

    Which route to take

    I hear that Slick is popular, but I personally can't give an opinion as I never used it.
  17. There should be text that says "File(s)" and under that are the files, just right click on the links and choose "Save link as..." or something similar, it depends on your browser.
  18. Depends on what the author licenses them under. Some will allow you to use them in your game, but require you to mention them in the credits, others are completely free. Just make sure you check what license the author puts the work under and act accordingly.
  19. http://opengameart.org/ and http://incompetech.com/ - this site doesn't have sounds, but has music.
  20. beatlefan

    [Solved] Drawing transparentcy

    That should fix it, tested it myself.
  21. beatlefan

    [Solved] Drawing transparentcy

    You should be able to use GetData() and check the textures alpha by looping through each pixel in the texture and see if the alpha value isn't always 255 or something that would mean that there is some transparency.
  22. beatlefan

    C# Arithmetic Operator Help

    Are you sure? I got x = 0.24, and I just copy and pasted your code. Try casting the integers to doubles, but I didn't have to do that. Edit: Code I used: static void Main(string[] args) { double x; int y, z; y = 2; z = 3; x = y * z * 0.04; Console.WriteLine(x.ToString()); Console.ReadKey(); }
  23. beatlefan

    [Solved] Drawing transparentcy

    How do you know that they are ignored? Did you check the alpha values of the texture?
  24. beatlefan

    Which route to take

    Java would work perfectly fine, not sure what you mean by it not being able to handle the logic. I'm personally a big fan of C#, as it has the productivity of Java, yet it is more powerful than it. As far as I know you can't do in browser games with it though.
  25. After reading over your original question a few times I think I understand what it is. You want to learn tips or tricks for learning about topics that involve programming, and not actually learning how to program. Is that what your are trying to ask? If so I guess you should learn to use Google and do research about whatever. Using your example of: [color="#1C2837"]Hmm for example when i want to do applications its good to not only know Java for example you can get to know more libraries and use stuff like OpenGL and DirectX but i have no clue which one is best to use and which one should i aim on learning it?[/quote][color="#1C2837"] [color="#1c2837"]So you should research about the pros and cons of each one, and find which one suits your needs. An example would be: say your a windows only user, so the cross-platform ability of OpenGL wouldn't matter that much to you.
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