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    What does an artist need to know?

    I have never really had the pleasure of working together with an artist, so you can't really call it communicative experience, but from the times that I made my own (crappy placeholder) graphics to mess around with, there was certainly a relation between the dimensions I chose for my 'artwork' and my code. Since you are working in 2-D, you'll most likely work with sprites or tilesets, graphics often found in one image file, as in the folowing example for a sprite sheet: http://gamesprite.fi...008/01/iris.gif And here for a tileset: http://wiki.themanaw...and_Tileset.png Which can be used to make maps with a woodland theme. Often when you will load these images into your game you'll want to just select a rectangle-shaped part of it containing the sprite/tile you want to use/display, and you'll probably do this using an offset and order that is hardcoded into your game. For example: TILE_GRASS = getGraphics("Woodland_Tileset.png", 0, 0); Or you could first make a matrix out of your tileset, which results in: TILE_GRASS = woodlandMatrix[0][0]; Of course, you don't have to keep to only one file, I'd think a tileset per theme and sprite sheet per moving object are easy to work with, especially if you make sure your artist keeps the same movements or theme-appropriate graphics in the same respective place as the other files, this would allow for general load functions and a very smooth collaboration. Your artist normally doesn't need to know how to code, but it's handy if he understands the above concept and understands how he can make both of your lives easier. And unless from you wanting an experienced artist, I'd say no to that question as well. EDIT: Good luck on your game!
  2. After trying it out myself I got 20.9, so I think, like Ohforf sake, that you append the 11 or 13 later on. Look at your code, where is the next cout? Is that one the 11-printing culprit? Or try ending your cout with endl, normally you should get the following output: 20.9 11
  3. Valkyrus

    My 2d game :D

    His source files are stuck in the images folder, it's called Ninja War and it uses the most random collection of sprites I've ever seen in my life, but it sure ain't no virus. OP, maybe you should adress the pointers given by Puciek to give your game somewhat more credibility if you want to attract feedback
  4. Valkyrus

    Laptop for Game Programming

    Just my two cents here, I noticed a lot of people mentioning the screen size. For programming, a big screen is a big plus, since you have more overview, which means far better sight on whatever you're programming at the moment and far less scrolling. But if you will make your an important workstation the following years, I would also advise for a good resolution. I have a 15,6" laptop at the moment with 1920x1080 as a screen resolution, and this was an important factor in my purchase. A screen of 13" or 15" won't really matter if they have the same resolution, you'll have the same overview. So if I were you, not only get a screen that's at least 15", also make sure it's at least qualitative, since you'll be staring at it a lot the next few years
  5. There is a third option, it's booting linux on your mac, if you're already using bootcamp to boot windows, it's the same idea. https://help.ubuntu....Book/TripleBoot It can get a bit tricky with the partition table but if you follow the instructions you should be fine. If you have windows installed already make sure you don't format that disk, and you only need to install ubuntu, skip the windows installer, unless you want a fresh install, of course. You have to install rEFIT since otherwise your boot won't recognize the format of your Linux partition and you won't be able to boot from it It worked for me on my Intel Mac. I also use VMWare Fusion, and like loom_weaver said, it's worth every penny, never had any problems with it.
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