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    Storing level data in grids

    I'm using C#, and figure out it would be neat if I integrate the editor directly into the game. At first I was thinking of making the grid like a cartesian plane [having the centre to be (0,0) instead of the top-left corner to be (0,0)]. This was what driving me nuts a bit, which comes back to my original question on what to store. My thoughts were going like this:- if I make the grid in 2d array, how do I move the centre grid (0,0) to the new index in the array should the player change the grid size? (I'm killing this question on my mind right very now.) Reading your post, it all make sense now. I'm ditching my old thoughts, and will try to go with suggestion number 1, but may be using list instead of array since I still want to maintain the dynamic structure of the level grids. Thanks very much for your post. I will get back to you once I've made progress and stumble on another bump. 
  2. IkazrimaZainalAlam

    Storing level data in grids

    The original game uses regular structures, and I've successfully replicated it. I've no problem in placing and constructing each levels using the old level data, which stores tiles indices. Let's just say that I'm stuck on this part, [--][O][O] [O][O][O] I want to place a new room I've created on the [--] grid, and I can't for the love of God figure out how the heck do I automate the process of linking the new room to the rooms below and right side. If I don't use a grid-style editor, I can insert a new room based on an existing one, where I would just need to have an option to place the room on up,down,left and right of a selected room. It solves the linking to one room (lets say the room below of it), but not the rooms on its other sides. I can eliminate the problem above just by doing manual linking, but I prefer if the player puts a room somewhere it will initially links with all the other rooms surrounding it. I have tried using raycast, but the problem is that in a room there are certain parts where the tiles are empty, so the raycast might not hit anything even if there's a room next to it. This seems like such a silly matter that I've been stuck on for quite a while. :( Now about the feature that I want to preserve, it is that I want the user to have the option of navigating the rooms like the old game if they wish so. Based on your explanation, I think it is best for me to keep the linking structure. This is because the old game have many user created levels that have this 'magic links' for maze purposes. I'm trying to make the game as much compatible with previously created custom levels. Again, thanks for your informative response.
  3. IkazrimaZainalAlam

    Storing level data in grids

    No love? :( I'll give a cookie *an imaginary one* :)
  4. IkazrimaZainalAlam

    Storing level data in grids

    Hi haegarr, thanks for your reply. I've updated my first post to give you an idea of what I'm trying to do. Regarding your points, I can see why explicitly modelled exits is good. Thank you. :) Actually I wanted to make an editor similar to this,   that's why I thought of storing the level structure in grids. If you could suggest a way on doing this without changing how the old level works, I'd appreciate it.
  5. IkazrimaZainalAlam

    Storing level data in grids

    Hi all, I am using an old game level data, and have managed to extract the relevant information. The way the game stores the level is each has about 24 rooms in it , with every room made up of 3x10 tiles. The rooms are linked by having each room stores the link data of what room is on it's left, right, up and down. Now, I'm thinking of storing all the rooms into a grid-based map (eg 10x10 rooms), without the need the store each links in each room. What is the best way to store all of this grid data? I'm making this game to be mod friendly, so the player can change how big the level is by changing the grid size. Storing it in an array will make it static? I thought of using list, but I'm not sure what information should I store in it (whether I should store the x and y axis, etc.) [Edit] This is a 2d game, by the way. :) The reason I'm trying to ditch this sort of linking because of in the old game, only one room is drawn at a time. I want to make my remake to have some sort of a continuous feeling sort of? I want to be able for the camera to follow the movement of the player instead of staying static (which is what I have right now. It follows the classic game feel in navigating the levels, one room at a time) The other reason is I've never actually made a level editor before, and I was thinking of instead of only seeing and only able to modify one room at a time, why not made it one whole giant canvas so that I could implement some sort of a paint function to modify the tiles between different rooms. [/Edit] Thanks for your thoughts.
  6. Dekat sebulan Streamyx beberapa jam sekali baru dapat guna maximum 1-2 minit. Selepas hujan talian akan terputus selama berhari-hari. Bukak pintu depan siap sedia untuk disimbah dengan air yang bertakung dekat siling tak kira waktu. Siling yang tunggu masa dan mangsa untuk jatuh. Mandi/beristinjak dengan menadah air yang menitik-nitik dari paip utama akibat bekalan air yang terputus. Agreement tak nak bagi walaupun dah berkali-kali mintak. Call service/maintenance kata small matter, +percuma...
  7. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, la ilaaha ill-Allah, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, wa Lillah il-hamd
  8. IkazrimaZainalAlam

    Game research project

    I had considered this before, sadly I don't have the money to buy one. But in case I do manage to save up, have you any experience on developing with it that you can share?
  9. IkazrimaZainalAlam

    Game research project

    Hello guys. I'm starting my final year research (Degree level) soon and I'm looking for an area of interest to work on. It is a requirement for the research that we have to solve a problem or improve upon current ideas. This is where I'm stuck at, I have a few areas that I'm interested to work on but I couldn't think of a problem to solve. This is basically the areas that I have in mind. 1) lighting techniques 2) collision detection (can be 2d or 3d) So if you guys could give me some pointers, or even give some new ideas different from mine I would be really appreciate it. I have some basic knowledge in XNA and OpenGL, so please reply accordingly to my level. Thanks
  10. Last update for a long, long time. -final status of 2011
  11. 9 kepala babi. Tak jumpa tong sampah ke apa?
  12. Somebody should tell Bruno Mars that a sky full of lighters will make the Earth very hot.
  13. New years resolution? HD.
  14. "If you add me and your profile picture is a car, I'm gonna think you're a transformer" -anon. guy on the Net Soooooo true. hahaha
  15. Sad ending for a drama/story? Excuse me for laughing.
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