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    Blending two animations

    I took a break from this as I kept having the same issue. From what I gather, this would be the correct way to blend two animations? The issue I am running into is that the bone positioning appears to be off so I wanted to check if the algorithm is correct Matrix4x4 transforma = animationa->GetFinalTransforms()[i]; Matrix4x4 transformb = animationb->GetFinalTransforms()[i]; float amount = 0.5f; Vector3 translationa(transforma._41, transforma._42, transforma._43); Vector3 translationb(transformb._41, transformb._42, transformb._43); Vector3 lerped = Vec3Lerp(translationa, translationb, amount); finaltransforms[i].Identity(); Quaternion rotationa(transforma); Quaternion rotationb(transformb); Quaternion slerped = QuaternionSlerp(rotationa, rotationb, amount); finaltransforms[i].Translate(lerped); finaltransforms[i].RotateByQuaternion(slerped);
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