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    Promote yourself!

    That certainly is a lot more information, thanks for posting it. That should clear things up for people here, and if not I'm sure they will ask you an additional questions they need answered.
  2. Ninjaboi

    Promote yourself!

      Again I think the rudeness is either misinterpreted ( emotions are harder to read from text ) or a possible language barrier. While it's true you're offering exposure, and not charging for it, the initial request was to provide more information about what you do and how much momentum you have going already. From the original post nobody would know who you were or what you post about. They'd know they you were offering to like/share/tweet about their game, but what if you also did the same for pornography on the same account ( not saying you do by any means ). If someone feels that might make their game or brand off-putting to their fans, that would be a good reason not to accept the offer. Free exposure doesn't mean good exposure.   Now that you've expanded on how many followers you have, how long you've been doing this, and where you're promoting the games that come your way, we have a better idea of what you're offering and what that means. I'm sure there could be more information people would want to know, but it seems that the conversation is turning sour here and that makes it difficult to keep things professional and informative.   My recommendation is to give a brief explanation of: - Who you are - Who you are addressing - What you're offering - How you offer it - Then put Links, contact info, images, etc to support what you're saying and give interested parties a route to find more information.   You don't have to do any of those, and you can end the conversation right here if you feel things have gotten too awkward now. But you came here to offer something and you certainly found a good community to do it, it just happened to get started on the wrong foot. Sorry if you felt attacked, they only wanted to get more information and try and help you get your original post to be more appealing.
  3. Ninjaboi

    Promote yourself!

    I think you misinterpreted his post. He was asking if you could provide more info on what you do on your Twitter account as well as the stats it has ( traffic, follows, activity, etc ). He's most likely trying to get an accurate reading on whether or not reaching out and promoting through you is going to make a positive return for him and if so, how much of a return is it going to be. The "Is it worth my time?" bit is just a shorter and ( unintentionally ) more crude way of asking this. Any advertising/promotion is good for exposure, but how much exposure a certain avenue will bring as well as what kind of exposure it brings are good things to be thinking about.   Edit: Seems he beat me to it lol
  4.   Thanks Katie! I think I'll do just that. Luckily I live near Dallas which is a major hub for lawyers who can help me sort it all out in person. After sleeping on it I realize most of this is still too subjective to my situation for anyone here to give a concrete answer.
  5. Edit #2: I've decided to simply hire a lawyer locally whenever my game is at the point where I have to make a decision on selling it, bringing in contractors, or other situations like alpha-funding. So this is basically solved. Thanks for clicking on the thread though!   Note: I'm only putting these questions into a single thread because after reading the rules and a few posts here it felt like the right thing to do. It's a bit long so if you are busy or don't want to read it all then just read the questions in bold. If however I was supposed to break these into several threads, please let me know and I'll correct it. Thanks!   Hi, I'm a hobbyist developer currently based in Texas. Recently I've been heavily considering making my next project commercial and doing so with more projects as I go. I've never charged or for that matter really distributed my games I've made up until now, because they were either using other people's IP or they weren't really supposed to be "fun" as much as they were fun to make and use for learning purposes. However this next project I want to be different. I do want to give it a chance at commercial success and I believe I can get it to that point ( don't we all lol ), but my issue is with the legal/business side of things and not really the technical side of things.   As the title suggests, I have a few questions on the matter that I think are appropriate here in the forums. I'll break them up and bold the core question itself for those who are skimmers and solidify what my questions are. I don't expect any one person to answer them all so don't feel you can't reply if you only have input for a select few of them. I also welcome any constructive criticism or suggestions.   1. Does it sound reasonable to change my Sole Proprietorship's services from an unrelated field to game development ( given the information below )?   I currently have a Sole Proprietorship in an unrelated field. For reasons I don't care to discuss in the form of this question, I am wanting to drop the services I currently offer with that business and replace the business' purpose as my own game studio. I currently do business under my birth name and plan to change the Doing Business As to the studio name once I've decided on one. The business will, for now, only include me.   2. Should I incorporate into an LLC in Texas now or is it considered sane to wait until the business attracts larger income/publicity/members?   As already stated, I will not have any other member besides me in the business. There's always a chance that I might go for contractors for music and such, but as long as I keep any work ownership transfer agreement solid ( probably with help from a lawyer or other service ) I can't see much else preventing me from staying solo in the beginning. Especially if I can avoid the extra paperwork and bookkeeping while I test the waters as to minimize any negative impact failure might bring. I do intend to incorporate later on for sure as long as things pick up, but I wasn't sure if there was something I was missing that makes it more compelling to do so earlier ( as many I've read about say they incorporated early with only themselves as members ).   Edit: Forgot to mention that I don't think I'm targeting any platforms that require me to be incorporated to distribute on them. I'm targeting PC and Linux for sure via whatever portals seem practical. That means no consoles. If portals such as Desura require incorporation that might be something worth talking about here, I'll probably look this up now that I came back and remembered this was needed in the conversation. Can't believe I forgot it.   3. What should the name of my new business be?   I'll be getting a new DBA anyways for this business so I wanted to know what the ruling is on names. Not the legal rules that per se such as making sure it doesn't violate a copyright, trademark, or has already been taken/registered. Also not the legal rules of say putting "LLC" or "Inc." or other identifiers in the name. What I mean is there are a few different ways people go about naming their companies and it makes me wonder if there's a reason for that. Some do "<insert name> Studio(s)", others do just "<insert name>". That's what I'm looking for more information on. Doing some research myself turned up that it really doesn't matter -legally- whichever method I choose, but I haven't really found much that touches the thought process behind how a company is named.   Given those two examples I gave, I'd probably go with the former style if it's purely aesthetics. This really seems like a question that has probably been asked before so if anyone has a link to a previous thread or maybe an article that applies to this I'd appreciate that as I couldn't find one myself.   4. Does my current Employer Identification Number for my Sole Proprietorship "transfer" if I incorporate?   Whether I incorporate early or do so later, I do plan on doing it. I just wanted to know if the current EIN I have will stick with me or if it will be lost with me incorporating. It really doesn't matter much to me aside from some form changes but it's something I've been wondering.   5. If I only go through portal and vendors that perform VAT/Sales tax for my games when they are sold, will this allow me to avoid having to maintain a Sales Tax Certificate in my state?   I ask this because it would make sense to me that if all money that is moved from customers to me goes through a vendor that handles VAT/Sales tax ( and their own cut of course ) that it would mean the tax would be handled by them entirely and not me. The whole point for the certificate in my state is to pay the sales tax owed by selling my goods/services, but if a vendor takes this out and pays it for me then I don't see why I need to have it. If this is true and I don't have to maintain the certificate, that saves me some hassle and I'll just make sure to distribute only where this service is offered ( it's worth giving them a cut if they handle such a big part such as this ).   If anyone reading this needs more information feel free to ask. I'm still fairly new to all this so any additional advice given that's not related to these questions is also welcome. For those that are even remotely curious as to what my next project is, I'll be posting about it in the appropriate section(s) of the forum when it's underway.   Thanks for sticking through all that and sorry if I ramble too much!
  6. Ninjaboi

    Super Red-Hot Hero

    Looking real good there Bernardolo! I'm curious though, the IndieDB page for the project notes that it's both single-player and multi-player. Is multi-player a thing or was that a mistake on the page? I didn't see it mentioned here so if it's a feature that's intended you might want to post about it hear to get people more excited ;D.
  7. Ninjaboi

    So you want to be a real programmer?

    That's not true at all! C++ doesn't require anywhere near the hand-eye coordination juggling requires. And with C++ after you slip and kill someone with the knife, you can reuse it for something else afterward. With actual knives, you have to get rid of the evidence. [/quote] So true.
  8. Ninjaboi

    So you want to be a real programmer?

    sketckasketch, not sure if you read through the whole article ( and the replies ), but it's a point being put across that there is pros and cons to every language, and nobody is raising up any language. Everyone here has said that you should use the right language for the right task. Not sure how that is relays to being "close-minded", but unless you didn't read through all the thread your not going to see that were not shunning anyone for what they use to do their tasks. In the end, nobody can say their language is better in every situation. Again, I'm sure you just didn't read the ending of the article first posted, and the exaggerated remarks made by the repliers as a joke.
  9. Ninjaboi

    So you want to be a real programmer?

    I agree, magnetized needle for programming is a must if your serious about your craft . It's also essential to be programming on a system that of which you built from the bottom up with parts you made by melting down the elements around you and molding them into their appropriate forms. You then have to create the OS, firmware, drivers, and essential applications for said system in order to make it easier on yourself ( but by all means you can still do it using the needle ). If any of you people are using anything short of this, your a noob programmer at best! Obviously the paragraph above is bogus. Don't reinvent the wheel ( as someone mentioned ), and use the right tool(s) for the job. If your building something that requires lots of control and power in the application, stick with a lower-level language to build the application with more resource-efficient code. If you have a deadline, or just don't want to bother with the low-level stuff, go for the higher-level languages and their great resources and tools. There is no "one size fits all" way to do something, therefore there is no "one language fits all" solution to programming. Also, this thread should be a sticky, if not for the information than for the exaggerated remarks in the replies .
  10. Ninjaboi

    New to the board

    Thanks, that did help.
  11. Ninjaboi

    New to the board

    I just had two questions about stuff on the board that I don't get yet. Bear with me, I'm new. 1. Is there a "User CP" or somewhere I can check that there's been a change/addition to a thread that I've either created or posted on ( subscribed would be a better way to say it )? 2. What is "Reputation"? Is it bad/good? How is it determined? Probably very easy questions, but I couldn't find the answers ( unless someone can point to where all this is explained ). Thank you for bearing with me .
  12. Ninjaboi

    short sounds versus long sounds

    Glad you summed that up deadstar, I didn't know that. +1 to post.
  13. Sorry what I said didn't work. Other than what I said, I'm out of ideas .
  14. Not quite sure if this will work, but you could try removing the default case in that event switch statement. If I recall, that was the resource-hungry checker in my code in one of my first projects using SDL. I believe the theory I had behind it was "I told it to check these events, but I'm guessing that if none of the events that I've specified are the event that has occurred, then default must be being called for every single event that's possible excluding the ones that I've already specified in my cases.". Sorry if that doesn't make much sense, I'm in a room of very loud people, and it's hard to think when your head is pounding . Tell us if that works ( cross your fingers! ). EDIT: You might also check for your games refresh timer/loop. See if you have already limited your frame rate ( or just the amount of times your main loop is refreshed ). I usually keep mine at 20 for small 2D games, and 60 for everything else.
  15. Ninjaboi

    C vs C++

    I agree with deadstar, the poll and question certainly could be more specific ( or at least more general for presentation ). As for the underlined question not directly said ( except for perhaps from deadstar ) "What language is easier to create a game engine with? C or C++?", I'd say not to choose between them. C++ is what I use and think in, as I love the OO style of development, especially with games. C however still has many resources created using it, and that's why C++ still supports the subset C, so C++ programmers can still use the C resources. You honestly shouldn't choose between the two, as many engines and games are created with more than one language. Many have at least one programming language and one scripting language for the project. I've seen projects with 8 or more languages being used, as they are open-source and many programmers from different reaches of their own languages come together to contribute. In the end, it's "What's easier for you".
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