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  1. Hello everyone! We (and all of us) have always wanted to create a really unique game. And I think we did it (maybe), so I wanted to check. Please check it out too! The work in our office has stopped because of this game. =)   The game is almost finished, but it's completely playable. A little spoiler.   Imagine yourself in the dungeon where different heroes are coming to. The place gets overcrowded quickly and you have to keep enough room for everyone. Suddenly you realize that two identical heroes can be merged so they don't waste space. How many heroes can you place in your dungeon?   Features: - An overcrowded dungeon - Lots of different heroes (including skeletons) - Three power ups   What else do you need to miss your subway stations?   Here's the android version: http://white-zebra.com/heropuzzle/HeroPuzzle84.apk To play iOS version, please send me your TestFlight email to PM, I'll add you to the project.
  2. Hello everyone!   Check out the new game I made. Took me one week from scratch to release (on Google Play, iTunes took another week to approve).   http://white-zebra.com/swipedots/     The game is completely free!   Please, if you find some bad text on the web site, write here or PM. I will appreciate this, as I'm not a native english speaker.   Hope you'll like it!
  3. ????? ???? ????????? match-3 ???? ?? AppStore? ?????, ? ??????? ???? ???? ?????????. ????????, Puzzle Craft.
  4. Hello! This is video trailer for our new game Frumbers. It's about to be finished. Check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMGrYlRVVg0 You also can play HTML version here. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/71223199/games/numbers/frm.html ======================================================= Description: Frumbers. The world where the hero is being a result by itself. Where the worst enemy is a Zero Pumpkin. Where Tomatoes shot minuses at you. In Frumbers world all you have to do is to not become a zero. Just don't touch the Pumpkins. They will turn you into a zero. Don't fall into pits and don't get minuses. That's it! Now let yourself in, and take your best shot! This is not a joke. This is real life... for Frumbers. More than 100 different obstacles! Can you pass all of them and achieve your best number? ======================================================= Please, help with description. Does it challenging player to play a game? Or is it completely stupid?   I know my english is bad. I will proofread! )   Waiting for comments! Thank you!
  5. Gameover / table results animation example.  
  6. Hello people!   We are White Zebra, and we are started to make a new game 2 days ago. (For iOS and android platforms.) Didn't named it yet, but the temporary name is "Where are my Kids?" Trying to fast develop. Planning to finish in a week or so.     The game is match3 type, where you just make a chain in any of 8 directions to shrink kids off the board. The more you collect until the time ends, the better the result in High scores table. (You can play using Game Center).   We need some help with texts. Non of us is a native speaker, so we would appreciate your help.   Here's the texts for the game (just a few sentences). If you have some time, please look through it.     Kids swam outside to play and suddenly the swirl mixed them up (shuffled them). You are playing as their parents, trying to sort them out and bring back home.   This is the match 3 type of game where you have to sort as many Kids as you can for a limited time.   Cute graphics. Addictive and simple gameplay. Four power-ups. Beat your Game Center and Facebook friends!   Thanks in advance!   Also, we need an advice about the name of the game. Would the word Kids be good for those characters? How would you understand the story from the name of the game, maybe your opinion on the name.   Names:   Where are my Kids? Where are my Babies?   Fishies Five Marine Five Ocean Five   Sea Kids Ocean Kids   Lost in Swirl   Sort the Kids Sort the Fishies   Here's the first fake screenshot. (Example of the gameplay).   There will be more! I'll try to put here everything we'll make in the future days.
  7. Thespanishcomposer, Thanks! )
  8. Here it is! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/little-flock/id551989587?mt=8   If someone from USA wish to spend few minutes to test a couple of things in the game, I'd appreciate this (of coarse, I have a promo code). Please, write me the private message.     LITTLE FLOCK: In this captivating and challenging game you fly with a little flock of birds through the jungle island. As you go, you meet a lot of new friends making your flock bigger and bigger. The island is full of surprises that will help you fly all the way through the jungles to the prize on the other side. LITTLE STORY: Three tiny birds once found a giant worm. It turned out, however, that the worm was not as easy to catch as they had expected; dodging them, the worm quickly escaped. “He must have gone to where his friends are for help”, one of the birds said. So they decided to follow the slippery fugitive to find the rest of the worms. BIG FUN: - Lots of upgrades for your birds. - 5 Bird Heroes with exciting power-ups. - Long way through the island with wonderful locations. - Colorful graphics and cute characters. - Breathtaking music and sound effects. Help the birds to catch the worm and find more food!     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DKu6HdoTGM    
  9. Servant of the Lord,   You're the best! =) Thank you for your help!
  10. We decided to name the game "Little Flock".   Here's the description:   LITTLE FLOCK. In this captivating and challenging game you fly with a little flock through the jungle island. As you go, you meet a lot of friends making your flock bigger and bigger. The island is full of surprises that will help you to fly all the way through to the main aim. LITTLE STORY. Three tiny birds once found a giant worm. It turned out, however, that the worm was not so easy to catch; the dodger escaped quickly.  “It must have gone to his friends”, one of the birds said. So, it was decided to follow the fugitive. BIG FUN: - Lots of upgrades in the Store. - 5 Birds-Heroes with exciting power ups. - Long way through the island with wonderful locations. - Colorful graphics and cute characters. - Breathtaking music and sound effects. Help the birds to find more food!     Please guys, look through the text for some words that are bad for native speaker's ear! I'd appreciate that!
  11. Servant of the Lord, Thank you for the help!
  12. Servant of the Lord, Thanks again for the answer! ) This boost is for player to relax. You don't have to avoid obstacles. You are invulnerable. Five birds each in its nest throughout the area. Exactly! :) Maybe I should just use "Crash 500,000 birds total." Yes, Upgrade, of coarse. I made a mistake. So, the names are good: Ruffy, Gently, Fleetly, Rogersons, Cranky?
  13. added a video to main post!