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  1. Varine

    Different mmo combat

    Because they don't want to?
  2. Varine

    need start up help! absolutely clueless..

    That could really be done on any engine without much, if any, issue, so I can't say just by looking at it. All it really comes down to is what one you like the most for things like this (and the complete-ness of the engine; some of them may be under development and therefore not have a full suite of tools you would need or want, or may just be shitty engines, but I don't really do work like that so I'm not very knowledgeable about what ones have the nicest tools). The only iPhone engines I know of are Cocos and Sparrow, and I've heard of one called Airplay but I haven't looked into it (I don't have an iPhone, or anything made by Apple for that matter). Like I said though, there are others that can publish to mobile platforms, but aren't geared specifically towards it. Torque and Unity are the two that come to mind, although I'm not sure what they cost. Here is a list of a few open source with some info: http://maniacdev.com/2009/08/the-open-source-iphone-game-engine-comparison/ They're, at the very least, free. Goes over a little bit of info about them, might help some.
  3. Hey I'm wondering if there are any engines that can do something like this out of the box: http://www.youtube.c...feature=related ? I know I can probably use a mesh API or program a shader to do it, but I'm kinda lazy and don't want to do that right now, as I'm mostly just playing around with gameplay concepts to see how some things would work.
  4. Varine

    Recommendation of simple game design program

    I used to have DarkBASIC... fun times. There are a lot of game engines out there. Game Maker is a 2D thing that is fairly easy to pick up. For 3D engines, there is UDK, Unity, old id Tech engines, modding games (Warcraft III, Starcraft II, Far Cry, Oblivion), all sorts of them. Right now I use Unity, although I'm debating on whether or not I want to keep with it or not. UDK is, in my experience, a bit easier to pick up and run with, but I don't really like it (it's not a bad engine, but I found some things just extremely annoying with it). There's also Shiva, by Stonetrip (I think they're stoners, personally), which is fairly easy to pick up. I believe they still have a free version (it can't be used for distribution, more like a demo version that doesn't expire really).
  5. Varine

    Game design document formats

    GDD's typically outline EVERYTHING in the game. The story, level outlines, characters, the kind of systems that are in place, the controls, sounds, art, etc, are what it goes over, along with many other things that may be applicable. With two, three people it's not really necessary like everyone else said, it's for organization when you have a team of a hundred some people so that everyone knows what the game is supposed to be and what is happening everywhere else. It's also good to have one when looking for publisher funding, so that they know what the eventual goals are (prototypes don't really show the big picture). Usually it's not totally complete when you first start, but is amended and expanded throughout production.
  6. Varine

    need start up help! absolutely clueless..

    Angry Birds cost 70,000 to 140,000 euros (different sources say different things) and took eight months to develop. I don't think anyone understands why; any of the somewhat knowledgeable people on the forum could have probably done it in their spare time, for nothing, in less than a month. I'm assuming that it was the salaries of the dev team, although I never liked it when that's used as a cost ("Oh I see this game cost a million dollars to develop over the past two years. So basically you paid your staff over the last two years?"). But then that wouldn't be an accurate estimate since that company made like fifty other games with little success, and just got lucky with Angry Birds. Then I guess advertisement for it as well. Anyway, realistically you'd be looking at around a thousand or two thousand for a game engine tops (probably significantly less). There are a lot of engines that can publish to mobile platforms, but not knowing what Fly Hamster is I can't say what one you're looking for. I'm guessing something proprietary, but that's just a half assed guess.
  7. Varine

    How do people stand Java?

    I don't like it either. Stupid language, IMO.
  8. Yes. I am the one who will live to be 150. Then, I will be reborn and live to be a 1000. At which point I will be worshiped like a God! Or killed for witch-craft... it's pretty iffy, I could see it going either way.
  9. I'm not really seeing the part with revolutionary ideas. From what I gather you want to remake Turf Wars and that's about the extent of where you got (which isn't necessarily a bad idea, just saying it's not really a new idea...)
  10. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=free+image+hosting
  11. The vertices are probably inverted. What are the settings when you export?
  12. Varine

    Alien/UFO game-design ideas

    Storing the previous steps taken isn't the issue so much, it's making the gamerules that would make it work. If it's multiplayer and you have one player five seconds behind another, and another player is 2 seconds behind that one, then how can they interact? Likewise in singleplayer, as the AI would have to interact the same way.
  13. Varine

    Books about game design

    In the short amount of time I was in school, my game design classes used a series called "Game Development Essentials". http://www.amazon.com/Jeannie-Novak/e/B000APLKMC/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1
  14. Varine

    Alien/UFO game-design ideas

    Time isn't a dimension! It might not even exist, the concept of it is just supposedly proven by entropy, which would make it just like any other universal law, like gravity or electromagnetism.
  15. Varine

    Picking Models

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