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    Fantasy Weapon Type Differentiate

    I currently have a problem designing a weapon type to be different more than the model, however, I have no idea how to approach this.   In my game, I have a weapon type, likes sword, axe, staff, mace, spear, knuckle, bow, xbow, etc... most are using same swing animation except spear, knuckle, bow, and xbow and hit sound effect are all different, while stats (damage, range, speed, damage type) being randomly assigned, also, all my attack only hit 1 target, never cleave through target.   Which create a problem that makes weapon type being the same, so I want to make each weapon type gives a different play style or, at least, something different than the others without forced that weapon type to specified roles (except melee or ranged), which may further create potential balance issues.   Most game I found either forced damage type, giving stats boost to specified weapon type or perks, however, I don't think it will go well with my game.     Any idea?
  2. Xenocrystalloid: The Eradications Hi everyone.   I have a game to present, it's 'Xenocrystalloid: The Eradications' an objective-based Party Action-RPG with a few Roguelike elements in session-based gameplay, and random generated world part, play by alone or co-op multiplayer with AI Mercenary in the mix. Game is focus on gameplay and replay value, earn guild points and experience to upgrade and unlock new stuff, including new characters, ability, perks, mod, and others, then re-run to tackle on harder difficulty. Your party have a task to search for Artifact and use it to destroy large Crystal covered by a barrier, which required to be dispelled first.   FeaturesSmooth Combat: Fight enemies dynamically with unrestricted movement while attack or using ability, whether it is melee or ranged.Rogue-lite Gameplay: Each play through will start anew, randomly select predefined mini-area combined into one stage, however you can chains up winning game to build up better rewards when you decided to end current session. Each area may contains something like trader, chest as well.Objective Based Gameplay: Dispelling barrier required specified procedure, including retrieval, capture, elimination etc...Solo, Co-op, and/or with AI: Setup your party with 5 additional friends or 6 additional AI mercenary with their own behavior, stats, equipment and ability. Up to 7 members combined, or you can play solo.Seamlessly Drop-in-out Co-Op: Network is designed with cross-country co-op gameplay, which make a smooth co-op game play even with high latency and you can drop in-out seamlessly.Multiple Customizable Character: Choose a character whose have their own class, stats and level them up. Pick your looted enchanted weapon, armor, accessory, items, and choose ability, perk, and their mod which are available to all characters to create your play style.Dynamic AI And Difficulty: Harder difficulty not only increases their stats but enemy will react better and quicker, and have a few more trick to fight against you, they also have no pattern therefore unpredictable, which create exciting reactive gameplay. Enemy stats also based on size of party in the session.Learn Lore, Universe, Species and settings through game system, items and area which makes Xenocrystalloid different from any others universe.Here's a few screenshots,        For additional screenshots, demo trailer and full demo, it can be found on IndieDB   Also, please visit Steam Greenlight     If you're interesting in my game, or have a question then ask away.
  3. KeattisakSamLiwnanonchai

    Prototype: Action RPG

    Some of them will be merge together, removed or as check box (like move character relative to relative screen (on by default), and most common button will be bound to their control, and be able to customize manually, right now they are all bound for testing purpose ;p For example, W,S,A,D,Q,E,F,LMB,RMB,MMB,~,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,-,=,I,M,LShift,LCtrl,LAlt,TAB, or maybe less if no more basic function or hoitkey needed, others will probably unbound by default, but you can select ohers predefined control (like Mouse Only, Twin-Stick, ARPG Style, Shooting Style, Original Style, etc) into combo box, or try manually change things and make your own style.   Enemy behavior will have more but some dumb, some cleaver, especially bosses, and more type like ranged or no attck supportive. Thank you again.
  4. KeattisakSamLiwnanonchai

    Combat mechanics with firearms in isometric 2D games

    Are Alien Swarm, Alien Shooters, Alien Breed, Subject 9, Crimsonland, RIP, Counter Strike 2D, Survivor Squad, worth to look at? But then again I don't know what are you looking for.
  5. KeattisakSamLiwnanonchai

    Prototype: Action RPG

    Thank you for the input, really appreciated it. While most of control scheme you're suggesting are ready to use (which is why there's so large button mapping) but there are in options (which is not done) and I currently locked to one I experimenting, of course I try to make it have multiple way to control and try to make them all accessible to specified player, I don't know which one should be default though. Especially I kind of prefer this scheme, it's allow more maneuver with less button, but with a bit of remapping, it's really messy right now because I want to have all function feedback and mix all the control scheme. Not sure about camera speed, maybe smooth them up? there'll be camera sensitive in option by the way. I'm thinking about mobs balance as well, I'm thinking to make the move in group when one of them encounter player, perhaps up their stats a bit, so it will be worth evading than exchange hits. You can target them and press 'LShift - Look at Target' to make it easier to aim or not swing at the air though. Maybe I'll add 'Attack at Mouse' to cover bow aiming as well? For 'Auto-Attack' it will make you attack target when you face them and in melee range, which should allow players to focus on movement, but manual attack have advantage of anticipate enemy movement, like you can attack before move into range, or aim front of their moving path.
  6. KeattisakSamLiwnanonchai

    Roguelike / NetHack Clone

    As long as, it isn't too much luck and involve less player's decision. Sword of the Stars: The Pit is the good simple of what I think it's bad, everything in game is pretty much luck based, all guns, no ammo or all health, no weapons. Ranged weapon is distance-based not direction-based, so if go into room filled with gun, you're pretty much dead, especially one of them can incapacitate you for very long turn. My favourite one is One Way Heroics, that's quite balance in player's decision and randomness. So, I think it should be player's fault instead of pure luck decided you should fail, also there should be at least minimum object for something, or at least something will drop. And what if player died in multilayer? can they be revive or they just sit and watch?
  7. KeattisakSamLiwnanonchai

    Prototype: Action RPG

    It's been a week now, and there's no feedback, discussion or even question, did I forget something?
  8. KeattisakSamLiwnanonchai

    MMO Gap issue

    Perhaps make it like diminishing returns, at higher level you will received less stats compared to lower level, so new player can catch up easily until sweet point, and at higher level is merely a bonus.
  9. KeattisakSamLiwnanonchai

    Prototype: Action RPG

    Well, I don't know how it called actually ): It's something like Left 4 Dead, Payday, Darkspore, Roguelike games, or something, that you will return to lobby or game menu when finish a game.
  10. KeattisakSamLiwnanonchai

    Prototype: Action RPG

    Of course, and everyone who want to help or just want to try are all welcome.
  11. KeattisakSamLiwnanonchai

    Prototype: Action RPG

    Greetings, I have started developing a side project for quite sometime now, it's session based Action RPG focus on replayability.   Here is what this game is all about, Each session will have 3 stages (based on difficulty). Stages are consist of 10-13 predefined map connected together into one large map, and each stage will have 12 minutes time limit, which will increase enemy strength, players will have penalty of cannot level-up and zero loot rate when time is zero, when leader in current map is defeated time will run slower. Each stage player will have to find a Candle then activate Boss Pillar and defeat it before moving to next stage. This game will have multiplayer, co-op up to 6 players, and in main menu player will be able to customize their character with rewards and unlockable from finishing game either defeats or victory. Including class, starting equipment, abilities, perks, upgrades.   It's may sound simple, but I'm experiment both coding and some game system for my primary game.   Game is developed under Esenthel Engine.   Control Scheme [spoiler] Move Forward           W Move Backward         S Strafe Left                 Q Strafe Right               E Turn Left                   A Turn Right                 D Move Up                    Up Move Down                Down Move Left                    Left Move Right                  Right Move to Mouse            X Look At Mouse             B Look At Target             Left Shift Move Drag Strafe         C Move Drag Turn           V    or  RMB         Attack       Z or LMB Auto Attack T (Automatically attack target when in melee range) Ability 1     ~       (An attack with extra damage but at slower speed) Ability 2     1       (Deals damage and applies damage over time) Ability 3     2       (Deals damage and applies hit and evade plenty, deals extra damage if affected) Ability 4     3       (Increases Defense and deals damage up to 3 targets around target friendly unit) Ability 5   4     (Deals damage and applies slow around user, damage are divided between enemy units) Ability 6     5     (Deals damage from point A to point B in line)   Cancel Targeting    ESC Next Target             T Previous Target      G Closest Target        R         Interaction              F   Camera Up          Page Up Camera Down      Page Down Camera Left         Home Camera Right      End Camera In           Ins Camera Out         Del Camera Focus     Space Camera Drag       Left Alt  or MMB Self Revive          P Map                   M Inventory           i [/spoiler]   Common Hints [spoiler] - Leader will look different from minions (Skeleton Leader is red skeleton) - Press same ability or item twice for quick casting. - Health Cross and Spinning Bubble are powerups. - You can self-revive up to 2 times when defeated. - Enemy will chase you forever when you aggro by move into detection range or dealing damage from afar too much. - Weapon durability is used by dealing damage and armor durability is used by taking damage. - Taking damage received extra EXP. - Leveling up will randomly add 1 poine to one of four attribute. (Currently at 25%/25%/25%/25%) - Selecting target will allows you to melee that target when crowded. - Strength improve physical damage (while trail swing) and max weight. - Willpower improve magical damage (teal trail swing) and critical chance. (have "!" on damage text) - Dexterity improve hit rating and evasion rating. (have "- -" on glacing blow) - Consitution improve max and regeneration of HP, AP. [/spoiler]   I'm looking for gameplay feedback mostly, especially making game not feeling repetitive and challenging, control scheme and every others. Or even a questions. (: Some specified questions [spoiler] How is gameplay? How is difficulty? (Currently is Bronze (normal), it's lowest difficulty) What do you think about Auto Attacking? and did you use it? How is Move Drag Style control (both Turn and Strafe)? Is time limit enough for each day? How is ability targeting control? How is minimap and map layout? [/spoiler]   You can download a game prototype from here Download Link (google drive)   Other Notes:  - Resolution is currently locked at 1024 x 768  - Only 2 maps, 5 map types, 2 Weapons, 1 Armor, 0 Accessory, 2 Consumables, 6 Abilities, 1 Enemy type, 0 Boss.  - 1 AI Type (which is mindlessly attack you)  - Some features are not yet done (Quickslot, Infocard, Multiplayer, End Session Rewards, Character Customize)  - Ugly model, animation, sound, some GUI and terrains ^-^  - Mouse Control Scheme is locked as Mouse Drag Turn Style, I'm trying something new ;p  - Balance is kinda off.  - May contain bugs. Thank you in advance.
  12. KeattisakSamLiwnanonchai

    Closing the loop: player death in a schmup?

    It's feel like forced 1 credit schmup, but if your game have customization may be a bit harsh, as player may unable to perfect their favourite set or stuff, although allows player to retrains some of old stuff or through unlockable in new game can be nice as well.   As for handicap, I think paying dept may work (ship is damaged when finish current stage, based on number of defeats) instead of damaged ship after death, as you may unable to progress later with no money. Perhaps lose access to special item or stage (think 1 credit schmup style) or you cannot continue to next stage (can only replay current stage, so player can practice with current ship and resources) may also work?.   Or perhaps, impact on overall game progression, think Area 88 game, I think dying results in 1 day passed which make enemy movement closer to you main base (and if you died while base defense, it's game over)
  13. KeattisakSamLiwnanonchai

    Single Combat with the Sword: A Prototype (feedback requested)

    I agreed with Chosker,  Although you can swipe a mouse to move a sword once stabbed but miss. I fee dodgel it isn't useful as parrying, and you will miss when dodge and attack most of time, maybe because of known issue.    Also, if you intently miss an attack (stab left or right side) will make enemy stay in parry mode, and you can drag a sword into body for free hit.
  14. KeattisakSamLiwnanonchai

    Gain power without being chosen one feeling

    Isn't born with unique power some kind of sub-chosen one? because it's feel like gifted, maybe possessed too? (chosen by one that possess then?) think someone born under certain circumstance, prophecy, born-hybrid or in even TES Skyrim, correct me if I'm wrong though.   Training to maximum, may allow them to create unique spell, and probably can only be use by themselves seems possible. But I don't know if something like, someone that is not a user of that said power (or just a novice) but instead unlock it potential thus goes beyond anyone. Perhaps have a knowledge, figured out or just plain accident about how to unlock it will work? (but without feeling Chosen One/Destiny, of course)     Also, editing the OP, I think I'm talking gibberish somehow. I appreciated everyone thought, please keep them coming .
  15. KeattisakSamLiwnanonchai

    Gain power without being chosen one feeling

    Greetings everyone, first time here. I currently try to write a plot story about how someone gaining a superpower without being chosen one/fated feeling. Possibiliy a power that is never being used before (be the first that harness this power). But how do you approach to this way? Is accidental count as being chosen by god, fate or whatever? Say, I have a character that discovery source of power by having an accident while traveling across the bridge, and they fallen and found the power. Suicide/brave escape(or whatever it called)? Say, I have a character that at edge of the cliff, chased by bandit or monster, so they commit a suicide or bravely jump off the cliff, thus end up finding source of power. Also, I would like to ask a reason about, why they want power or just maybe they don't know what that is and accidentally bind/take the power. Say, they are gravely wounded, so they want to see something beautiful before they die, so they walk into source of power? Thank you in advance.
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