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    Game Idea and First Quest

    My impression was that in Sims 2 the correct answer to such a question was random, so that it changed every time. At least I think it's like that for the kid's school questions.
  2. Artes

    A Slave to Theory

    This is a nice tune that I have listened to many times now. It might fit in a zombie game. It reminds of the music in Silent Hill. I agree that the pauses are too long.
  3. For my dating rpg I have taken a lot of photographs around town to use as backgrounds. (There are no people in the photographs.) This looks good enough for me, but I'm thinking of putting this game on the Internet to be playable online. It is a hobby game, at the moment not intended to be commercial. I wonder what to think about when using photographs in a game. I have many questions: 1. What kind of photographs are ok to use in a game? 2. Why don't people use photographs in games more often? 3. If I take a photograph in a public place, is it ok to use? (There are no people in the photographs.) 4. If a house owned by a company/shop or a company/shop logo is seen on a photograph, is it ok to use? 5. If I somehow take away/paint over the logo in the photograph, is that better? 6. Is there some free program that can be used to easily convert a photograph to look like a cartoon or manga picture? Can you recommend any? I'm thinking that this could be a way to make it harder to recognize the places and houses. Thus I could also make graphics without drawing it myself, because I'm not good at graphics. 7. Can I use the program GIMP that I have to convert the photograph somehow and can you give a tips about how to do? I'm really a newbie when it comes to using such programs.
  4. Artes

    The Story Writing Side to a Game

    Since the hero suffers from memory loss, there's an obvious way to reduce exposition at the beginning of the game. Just put them in the game with some lines like "What's this place? Where am I? And who am I???" They begin to run around inside the game and the backstory is revealed gradually when they recover their memories. This solution is not very original though.
  5. This sounds like an interesting game that I'd like to play. What if there are two extreme factions within the race that the player belongs to? One faction that is overly orderly and that would destroy nature to plant flowers in rows, and another, chaotic faction that would destroy civilization and exterminate all humanoids to save chaotic nature. The player would have to take a path between those extremes, fighting both factions. In the process they would learn that both chaos and order are needed for life, but that all actions increases entropy.
  6. Yes, even though entropy and chaos are different things, they are somewhat difficult to separate for a layman. Also I agree with JoeCooper that a proponent of nature could possibly embrace chaos. Another idea for an antagonistic force in addition to entropy and chaos could be order, in a totalitarian sense. Like there could be an enemy faction that likes planting flowers in straight rows. (Which would also increase the total entropy.)
  7. Artes

    A Gay Hero

    Yes, I'll think about doing that. The programming part of fixing that would be very easy.
  8. Artes

    A Gay Hero

    Actually I have a similar problem for my dating rpg that I'm working on right now. I imagine the main character as a man who is interested in women, but the gender and name of the main character is not given at the beginning. At an early point it is possible for the player to choose to be a woman if they want to, or to not define their gender. Also there will be a few men that are possible to flirt with. This of course creates many possibilities. The problem is that I have made the dialogue androgynous, or slanted towards a male main character. The gender and orientation of the main character makes no effect on the dialogue and the themes discussed, which is a bit boring. Maybe I can write some optional pieces of dialogue though, that takes those things into account.
  9. Artes

    A Gay Hero

    Let me also add something to this discussion. It is true that in games like Mario Bros, sexual orientation of the hero does not need to be mentioned inside the game. On the other extreme end of the spectrum are romantic visual novels, where attraction has to be handled in one way or other. E.g. the game Amagami, where the hero according to the backstory is obviously attracted to females at least. Another possibility is to let the player choose their orientation through the choices they make. It seems that in the rpg RedPin is envisioning, storytelling is important. It seems to be a game that is closer to be a visual novel than to be Mario Bros. Thus it is relevant to consider revealing the orientation of the hero. It could be held secret, or be up to the imagination of the player, but at some point a game with heavy story-telling could be perceived by the player as shallow or unrealistic or untrue or to be a game for children if romance is not handled in any way. The answer to the question is the game that the creator has envisioned. They have a vision of a game where the hero is gay and this is relevant to the story. Now it's just to implement it.
  10. Artes

    A Gay Hero

    These games sound interesting. I'd like to play as a gay hero or a prostitute. It seems that your (perceived) problem is that you want to sell a game about a gay hero to heterosexual, male players. Let me brainstorm a few different ideas that may or may not be correct or helpful: 1. Make the object of love a person that a heterosexual man would like to hang out with as a friend (and save from dragons because they are friends etc.). Thus you make the player interested in interacting with the character without having the romantic interest in him. Do this by giving the character virtues and qualities that men see as positive in a male friend. 2. Make the object of love feminine in a way so that hetero men can project their interest in females onto him. 3. Exploit fetishes that some men have to entice desire towards the object of love. 4. Introduce female secondary characters that the hero is not romantically interested in, but who the player might be interested in. This gives the player who wants to interact with females optional objects of romantic phantasies.
  11. Another difficulty that I don't know the solution to is if I want to have a dialogue with two NPC:s at the same time, with them also exchanging words with each other. I don't think I'll implement this in my game, but it would be cool. Has anyone else done something like this?
  12. This is precisely what I'm working on right now for my dating rpg, which is almost completely dialogue oriented. It's the first time for me, but I've at least created a system that works. I did something similar to what Moe did, with a text file instead of XML, but I might change it to XML. I don't know what GUID means either. The dialogue in itself is not so difficult to construct, but there will be a future problem for me when the dialogue also changes various other things in the game, like stats, what happens, and where characters go, if music should be played, and so on. I'm not sure how I will take care of the increasing complexity when more and more different kinds of effects comes from choices made. I will need to make my system more flexible. In my stystem there are two different kinds of objects that I call topics (dialog nodes) and options (dialogue choices). A topic object can have a number of option objects, and a character can have a number of topic objects. When the player clicks on the character, the character chooses one of her topics depending on time, place, relationship and so on. If she runs out of topics she has a default topic, like "I'm bored" or "I'm really busy right now". The player can choose an option, which links to the next topic, and that can also have other repercussions like lowering the relationship variable.
  13. Artes

    Help me choose an IDE for C++

    Why don't you like Cygwin? I installed it to use NetBeans for C++ on Windows. It was not very difficult and it has worked so far. Though I haven't used NetBeans for C++ so much, so I don't know if it is good or not.
  14. Artes

    Trouble with allegro

    Maybe if you instead of allegro_init() write al_init(). Maybe that will help.
  15. Many open-source games use SDL, so if you are interesting in contributing to them, learning SDL would not be so bad. (There are also many using OpenGl.) It can only be a positive thing if you mention SDL on your CV, though OpenGl might have a higher status. With those API things though I think that when you have learned to use one it will be easy to learn the others.
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