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  1. so i'm trying to get stencil shadows working and so far i have come close but the stencil is flipped... the part i want black looks white and viceversa...       i tried asking others but i have had no response.   i have tried everything i can think of, and i can't get this flipped without artifacts of some kind.       this is the xna code i am using:   http://pastebin.com/q2mVNy8H   and i made this model in 5 minutes by using very simple shapes and use fbx format   https://skfb.ly/QxMB          
  2. BrunoAste

    Stencil Shadows Problem

    hope it's not disallowed but i got my code on pastebin here:   http://pastebin.com/q2mVNy8H     and i uploaded my fbx to sketchfab which is similar to sketchup warehouse i think -   https://skfb.ly/QxMB
  3. BrunoAste

    Stencil Shadows Problem

    i appreciate the support guys. i didn't respond earlier because this was making me feel really dumb... and frustrated, it was hard to even keep working on this.       however it wasn't flipped polygons or any of that.   i believe the main issue i had was that you need to enable depthbuffer BUT DISABLE WRITETODEPTHBUFFER...   this is something that i didn't find in any of the tutorials... someone in gamedev chat mentioned this to me and i didn't know what he meant until after months of trying different stuff and following different leads.     i still have a problem though my stencils are flipped... where i should have dark areas i have light areas and viceversa!!   maybe someone could help me finally solve this once and for all and flip the stencils?? everything i try just breaks it even more.   i tried to clear the stencils with all 1s instead of 0s but it doesn't even make a difference at all... that makes no sense!!!!   i am coding with xna i really need help with this final detail though... if i could flip this thing it would be perfect!     i got a 500 line code and a small fbx model made of cubes. but i am not sure if i am allowed to post code here or upload stuff...       this is what it looks like... where i should have gray i got black and viceversa!
  4. Hello There! i hope someone can help me   i have been trying to get stencil shadows working for months (i know the technique has been largely superseded by shadow maps - but i am set on doing things this way) i got the shadow volume constructed, i detect the edges that are silhouettes (one light front side and one dark backside) and then i "extrude" (really, make quads or sets of triangles) that go along the vector that the light travels. so far so good. in fact, my stencil shadows work perfectly with convex shapes like a box or a circle... but when i load up something a little bit more complicated like a "T" shape mesh i find that some of the extruded quads go inside other quads in the shadow volume - and this results in my stencil shadows having holes where the shape does not. please help!!! at first i thought that the faces didn't have the correct orientation... but they do. i rendered the shadow volume itself as a primitive and i found out the faces do point outwards. the problem might be the stencil operations. nothing that i do with the stencil gives me the result i look for. the stencil operation that i am using now is to increase, render my shape, then flip the culling and increase the stencil again, - and then i render the scene dark, keeping all the stencil values marked as one. so it only draws dark pixels where it was increased the first time. - again - this works great when the shape is something like a box or a sphere (convex) but a 90 degree angles shape has quads coming out of some corners that are inside of the shadow volume, and they mess up my stencil!!!     this is the shape i am using, and i also illustrated the problem with 3d software:     you can see the problem here. - one of the quads i extruded goes inside the shadow volume and makes a weird corner there. as a result the stencil operation doesn't work well.       here's how it looks in my program.     here i outlined the quad that is giving me trouble:     i have tried everything i can think of. nothing works. how do i make this face not matter?     or maybe the face is flipped after all... i am not convinced of anything to be honest. trying to double and triple check the orientation of the face got me nowhere.       i made one more picture illustrating the issue, the orange edge in this image makes a quad that is undesirable.  
  5. Yes, I need a texture artist. (DESPERATELY)
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