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  1. Jozin

    Update #1 - The frog goes CROAK but he don't die.

    you can actually do something like shaders or something, with shaders you can enrich your visual style by using ssao-like techniques
  2. Procedural generation cannot be created by procedural generation, because initial procedural generation must be created by human, and until you programmer wont have something, the something is just nothing, and nothing cannot generate something by the definition. So because of this all the thing you calling "procedural generation" its just some kind of compression of initial data, just like those shadertoy elephants made with distant functions or something. I mean for each example of so-called procedurally created assets you need manually find some unique alghoritms, so you cannot create all the universe by just simple alghorithm until it will be something like ubershader, wich is nothing more than concatenation of all the alghorithms, your procedural generation is predictable and cannot create anything but create fixed things (even you consider 4d fractals), its just another 10000000 gun combinations (but composed from pre-defined parts). So I think for now its not possible to create all the world using procedural generation, because world is infinite but possible human's coding time and knowlege in each moment of time is finite. Amen))
  3. Playing around with couple of different concepts trying to create some fearsome monster, after all attempts I ended up with this rabbit-like creature. Of course it hust an early concept, because now I just testing some options to find wich will be the best Here is more shots: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/9eryLR
  4. Jozin

    What's a frog TODO?

    looking forward for your next croak, such kind words. isnt it? (its a joke attempt) In any case, good luck to you
  5. Jozin

    So You Want to be a Game Developer?

    Onliest thing you can do now - elect me to be your president
  6. Jozin

    So You Want to be a Game Developer?

    Unity is worse in comparison with Unreal Engine, both engines are unstable novadays but unity is more unstable. Its very good question - I dont know what makes a good game programmer because if I did know this in advance, there is actually no point in what Im talking about. Its the reason Im writing it, because I just dont know, but you guys has always knew this because you have some knowledge after all, but if you consider me, what is knowledge itself? Its just a small piece of huge planerary scale cake, that we all know as abstract knowledge, And you will ask me: do you know what is the knowledge is about? Did you've seen this? I tell you just from my heart: I dont know what you talking about because Im just another stranger on this infinity road of knowledge. So get you knowledge, upgrade your skill set, learn some new each day , actually Im learing something all the time, now Ive learned something, I hope we all learn
  7. Now its time for me to create some hands for my fps, this is pretty much useful especially for gun game I'm intended to create. So this is the fist step - high poly sculpt for idle position, more stuff will be available as soon as possible)) when its done)) More shots is available here
  8. That polite words - all this is very good, but in that case - feedbacks is only means to say something in the void and most likely - false. So it's very pleasant to hear complements especially for our egos but initial essense of any debate just attempt to find out the truth and essence of any feedback is another way to set the faults of your work from real listeners. If someone evil says bad things about your art -its another cause to think - what's going wrong with this and look to the things from may be negative but nothing more then another point of view and good opportunity to improve you work I guess
  9. Jozin


    Album for Heli
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