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    Lnk errors

    It's complaining that it can't find the audi library that you're trying to use in certain places. Without more info of what libraries you're using it's a bit hard to give a proper answer, but the solution is to add them to the additional dependencies list in your project properties. Give us more information regarding what libraries you're using and we can give a more detailed answer.
  2. grouse


    My first suggestion would be to paragraph your post a bit better, fairly annoying to read. Back on topic however. I, and I reckon most programmers, learn best by practice. As such I'd suggest you just go with it and pick up things as you go along, just don't plan a too ambitious project before getting your feet wet or you're more likely to end up more frustrated than anything. Pick up a graphics API such as SDL or, my personal preference, SFML, as you mentioned as that is a fairly fundamental part of most games and will also yield results quickly, keeping you motivated to keep on going.
  3. grouse


    I think he might be talking about the functionality to take a video clip, say 30 sec long, and set the program to take a screenshot every X seconds, say 10, resulting in 3 pictures from the 30sec clip. If this is what you're after I'm fairly confident most established video editing programs got this functionality, such as sony vegas or adobe premiere. Mac should have something preinstalled that's part of iLife. Edit: D'oh, too late
  4. This article explains it pretty well, http://www.cplusplus...articles/13355/ In short, assuming a main function that looks like int main(int argc, char* argv[]) { /** ... **/ } the argc integer contains the size of the argv array which contains all the values passed by the command line. Doing myprogram.exe -f myfile would mean that myfile is the second value of the argv array, the first value is -f.
  5. grouse

    Problem with Anim and pickup object

    Sounds to me like you just need to make sure the animation has been played before you pick up the item, it's hard to tell without knowing how animation.Play is implemented but what I think is happening is that the animation starts playing and immediately after you pick up the item and disable rendering.
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