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  1. mauriciocinelli

    Game Tools Development

    I'm sorry, but I'm not getting what is a Tool Game.... can you please explain in more detail and clearly? But if you just invented a new game genre, congratulations!
  2. mauriciocinelli

    Game Tools Development

    That's what i think too. Tools need to look and perform professionally. I'm not developing Game Tools, I'm developing Tool Games (TOGs), featuring a `Bells & Whistles` Toggle Switch. Sometimes we game developers have to think outside-the-(tool)box, LOL. [/quote] Oh, you mean "in-game UI", which is anoooother thing. Sure, in-game UI need to be more "fun", as what the users want with a game is indeed having fun or having a UI that matches the game theme
  3. mauriciocinelli

    Game Tools Development

    ^ Totally agreed on this and I do have WPF experience. WinForms is superior in almost every way imho. Not sure what the point of WPF is either. Is it supposed to be some kind of hybrid WinForms/Flash? In WPF the fonts are not as crisp (not even with ClearType), most of the widgets have less intuitive and/or missing functionality compared to WinForms (even basics like TreeView, ListBox, ComboBox), the widgets are slow with a lot of data, the rendering and responsiveness of WPF is substantially slower, and to me at least, XAML is pretty useless. I have the experience of implementing the exact same graphing/diagramming tool set in both WinForms and WPF. We tried WPF for the latest version just because it was newer and maybe "better". If I could go back I would have never wasted time with WPF. Luckily its only tools and customers will never see them. [/quote] The part about missing functionality is, unfortunately, true. Also integration is a little bit more "annoying" using WPF, for example with XNA, which is what I was trying to do. Then after some days of errors and more errors, i decided to make it with Forms, and things are going, slowly, but going. And i never tried to fill the WPF widgets with data to see its performance.... so at this part I can't say anything
  4. mauriciocinelli

    What Technologies I have to use?

    And also Unity has a option to deploy to Web, and the user has only to install the Unity Web Player
  5. mauriciocinelli

    Game Tools Development

    A good toolset allows quick iteration of gameplay and design concepts. Quick iteration helps you determine the capbilities (and flaws) of the engine underpinning the project. If an art team knows the limits of the tech, they can, and will, design within those limits. (To an extent) it doesn't really matter if the backend is good or not, the designers will still have the tools to make the game fun to play. If the backend is shoddy, you might have slow loading times, the shaders may not be 100% optimal, the maths library could be faster, the models might have to stay relatively low poly, but the game will still be fun to play - and ultimately that is the only metric to determine whether you have succeeded or not. The old adage of 'dont let perfect get in the way of good' applies in spades here.... [/quote] If it can be used, though not 100% optimal, you can revisit later on and tweak. However, if the backend is broken... then no one can work, and the game fails. The best tools/engines are the ones that continuously evolved and still continues to evolve. look at the unreal engine version 1, it didn't have all the capabilities of the current version, but the games were very playable and very enjoying.
  6. mauriciocinelli

    Game Tools Development

    Generally when your boss or client come and say "It's just a button there, can you put it there for us?".... Tools programming jobs are generally overlook by the UIs that are done, which have a very complex code under the hood... By your point of view, yes tools programmers can fuck everything up more than engine guys, but if the engine guys don't make their job right, tools programmers also won't, and probably the engine guys will make the tools guys fix what's wrong..... (not by experience thought, but it's more obvious)
  7. mauriciocinelli

    Paint Video Series

    Thanks for the resources mate! Also 3DBuzz has some awesome training on Unity 3, and also a MMORPG class that focus on the building of a MMORPG using Unity, however, the latter is for subscribers....
  8. Am I missing something? As far as I can tell, by doing it my way a trap room is only going to execute if you haven't already cleared it. Enter room -> trap is reset and executes -> kill enemies -> doors are opened -> trap flag is removed -> enter again -> room is no longer a trap and nothing happens Enter room -> trap is reset and executes -> die -> return -> trap is reset and executes [/quote] Oh, i see. Your way is fine... i didn't understand you were to REMOVE the flag from the room. guess this way it'll work fine. SOrry for my confusion
  9. mauriciocinelli

    Black Screen with Linux

    guess you found the error.... About the software rendering http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_rendering
  10. Nice, just make sure you have another flag or something that says that you have already cleared that room, so the trap won't "execute" again, if you die or something.... Good luck. Hope we could help you.
  11. mauriciocinelli

    Game Tools Development

    Same here.... I work with web, and only do my "hardcore" programming in my spare time, and alone...
  12. mauriciocinelli

    Game Tools Development

    if you have a organized team, at least you can blame [s]someone[/s]! the other team if they screw up hehe, just kidding
  13. mauriciocinelli

    Black Screen with Linux

    Oh I see, so really there's nothing we can do, if he said this.... hope he finds out what it is
  14. mauriciocinelli

    Black Screen with Linux

    I have a tremendously hard time believing this. Of course, since you refuse to provide any code, I'm not in any position to objectively dispute your claim, so... [/quote] Only things that can be happening is: Not loading libraries Debian with old libraries Code referencing wrong libraries Or some other issue in the code that is perfectly legal in Windows but not in linux EDIT 1 So... test some sample apps and see if you can get GL running. if you can, your code is wrong in the big project, if it's not loading, then you're loading it the wrong way Good luck
  15. mauriciocinelli

    Black Screen with Linux

    do you have any way to check if the libraries are loading properly? for example, like using a debugger If you can't, try to make a really simple app that loads are use a tiny feature of it, so you can test if loading is ok or not The black screen keeps black? or it closes?
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