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  1. Rodimus

    Programming and best route to go

    Just a small notice. I wouldn't consider XNA, "from scratch". You say it yourself, it's a framework. I agree with starting out without an engine. I started working with engines after studying programming so I wouldn't know what it's like the other way around, but to me it sounds harder that way. I would imagine it being easier to understand a language and mix in an engine's api rather than being used to an engine and having to work your way into understanding what was a part of the engine and what was a part of the language, so to speak. EDIT: if you were to use UDK to make a , "simple game" I'd say it would over-complicate things. However, there are simpler engines which I'd say would benefit your project. It all depends on what engine you choose.
  2. Rodimus

    Getting Text to Render in Front of Sprites

    What exactly are you using to create your game?
  3. I'd like to use the length of the vertex array as the third parameter in the dlDrawArrays function, since it determines how many vertexes that needs to be drawn. However, it causes some really weird behaviour in the program. Whenever I use "78" which is the vertex count for the model, everything works nicely. Why does vector.size() cause this problem and what would be the better solution? I don't like having the actual vertex count number in there. [attachment=5319:Untitled-1.jpg]
  4. Rodimus

    battle system type to use

    I personally prefer side view. Gives you lots of space for character animation/movement and nice looking interaction during attacks. Top down is ok, but the last one I personally don't like at all.
  5. [font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif][size=2]- About page not working which was instantly the first page I was interested in looking at. - Using art from Warhammer Online. - In the "recently featured games" widget, only links to the small, unknown games ("Minimal" and "BlockzBot Defence") work, but the League of Legends entry only sends you back to the frontpage.[/font] So far I am sceptical ...
  6. Rodimus

    Hiring musicians

    I apologize if this ended up in the wrong forum, please move it if necessary I am working on some personal game projects from time to time and I am doing all of the work myself (currently just programming and graphics) but I also plan to try to take on the rest of the process myself. However, when it comes to music I don't have the foggiest idea on how to create good music. Because of that I would obviously consider hiring in someone to do that job for me if the project reaches that stage. I have some questions regarding this process: Let's say the game is going to be sold. Would it be more appropriate to pay a hired musician a percentage of the sales or decide on a total payment amount for the job?If paying the musician once, what would you consider a fair payment for a piece? Let's say background music at around 5 minutes length. $100? $500?In these situations, is it normal for the developer (me, in this case) to get ownership of these musical piece(s) and be free to use them in future projects as well?How long does a musician usually take to produce a song? Days? A week? Or maybe closer to a month?How about buying the rights to use one of the musician's previously made songs? How would that work in a situation where the game is going to be sold? That's all my questions for now. I understand that this might be hard to answer and that it will vary depending on the project and the musician, but I hope that someone are able to give me an idea of how this process works. EDIT: I realised that there are obviously musicians on this forum as well so if any of you would like to answer my questions, that would be great.
  7. Rodimus

    Are cast times necessary?

    Some thoughts:Cast times adds more depth to combat, imo. For example, it allows you to read your opponent actions before they happen. Imagine not having cast time on crowd controls. You wouldn't be able to interrupt them, LoS (line of sight) them or use defensive cooldowns to minimise damage.Cool little features like countering a Polymorph with SW:Death (WoW) wouldn't be possible either. If you don't know what it means, it basically involves casting a spell that damages yourself if it doesn't kill the target but if timed correctly, that damage will break the Polymorph which is a spell that turns you into an cute critter.In addition it would completely remove the "fake cast" aspect of PvP combat, which I think is pretty cool.If abilities didn't have cast time, they would all have to be equally powerful since all can be used equally fast. Optionally have long cooldown on the more powerful ones. This could end up as a cooldown management nightmare.If introduced to an existing game with cast times, it would involve major healing balancing because healing in PvP would be much more potent (given that the game features some kind of interrupts, which at this point would be pointless) but it wouldn't affect PvE healing much.EDIT: Come to think of it, high damage spells would have to be greatly nerfed and casters wouldn't be allowed to have anything high burst. Long cooldown wouldn't justify it either. Here why: Since there's no cast time, there no way to pre-emptively see it nor interrupt it. It's easy to sync up high-burst abilities if you're using some kind of VoIP. Bottom-line: Casters could easily sync up a very high burst that could potentially instantly kill someone and it would't be noticeable in any way which means that it can't be avoided.
  8. You need to find a new guild, man
  9. First of all I haven't seen "red = dead" in a very long time and it's most certainly not chanted. But if you do read it, yes, it can come across as a bit over the top, but do you think they actually read these forums? I doubt they made the effort to check when the title described a world where you craft war, let alone get suspicious about the language as a whole when half of the words they could understand because it's game-specific/gaming vocabulary. EDIT: Yes I do dislike the media's way of approaching this case as a whole. I acknowledge them as a crucial way to get information out to the people. I cannot, however, help but to get insanely annoyed with them when they are interviewing survivors from Utøya right after the event and asking, "You're shaking, how do you feel?" I hope that makes sense.
  10. It was highlighted in the news that he played a "war game" and that they thought it was a factor that had driven him into doing these horrible things. That war game turned out to be World of Warcraft ... One of my uni lecturers was interviewed on the radio and the first thing he said was, "World of Warcraft is not a war game" as well as that these events had not changed his opinion about this game. Apparently hard to comprehend when there's "war" in the name, eh? Thoughts goes to the victims and those affected in the aftermath of these events.
  11. Rodimus


    Now, where did that dislike button go ...
  12. Rodimus

    My friend is starting to like Java (help!)

    Your title says friend, but the actual post content gives the impression of someone hired by you. If he is is just your friend, he should be perfectly capable of making his own choice of tool depending on what he likes and need for a certain project. In the same way, he should be okay with using what tools you've defined if he is hired by you. After all, it sounds like he is proficient with both. I like Java, and I like C++. What's up with having to choose sides? Do jokes about them Java guys if you like, but in the end we're all programmers, aren't we? (Optionally you can just unfriend him)
  13. [font="arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif"] I just recently watched this video on Youtube:[/font] [media][/media] The specific content of the video that I am referring to is the part where he talks about scale and units in Unity and how it is important to use the correct scale on things in your game, according to how Unity expects it to be. So I figured I should looking into this myself before I get far into the development of a project and have to resize whole scenes. In the video he says something along the lines of, "1 unit in Unity is 1 meter". So what I did is that I created a terrain and added a grid texture to it, with a size of 1x1 unit for each cell. Now, according to this video, each of these cells are now 1x1 meter. However, this felt really dodgy in the editor and here's a few reasons: This resulted in that I had to zoom in a lot more that I am used to, making the movement speed of the camera (editor camera, not game cameras) really fast and very hard to control. Even the slightest push of a button would move it 2-3 meters.Default objects such as the plane appeared to be huge by default, 10x10 meters to be specific. This was at a default scale of 1 on the plane.The default skin width of the character controller was way to thick for this scale, resulting in characters hovering in the air without actually touching the ground. I had to turn down skin width to minimum (0.0001). I was hoping that someone here could maybe shed some light on the subject and explain to me what scale to actually use in Unity. EDIT2: Another question I hope I can get answered as well. Say I have a box that is 1x1 meters, what dimensions should the texture have (Let's say the texture is copied to all sides)? EDIT: Just fixed the list with proper formatting.
  14. Please remove the HTML tags in your post. It's making it impossible to read.
  15. Rodimus

    Working On A RPG

    Please use a regular font and text size in your post. It would make it easier to read.
  16. Rodimus

    3d model movement

    How do games normally do it when 3d models move or/and rotate? Is it an animation or does it actually move and rotate through code? I started wondering about this while playing Dungeon Siege III yesterday. There's a place in the game where you are running over a floating pathway and hovering rocks move in circles around the path. Here's an image that I hope will make it a bit more clear. [media]http://img225.imageshack.us/img225/2329/unled1dv.jpg[/media] Other examples might be doors that opens or floating islands (like in WoW Outlands). What I am trying to describe is movement that involves movement of the object in its environment and not "internal movement" in the object (Like a flag in wind or a car engine shaking). If both methods are used, what are the pros and cons with them? I don't know if it's possible to answer this, but I got a bit curious and thought maybe someone here knows. If this is the wrong forum to post this, please move it.
  17. Rodimus

    Hiring musicians

    [font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif][size=2]I see, thank you for the clarification[/font]
  18. Rodimus

    Hiring musicians

    Thank you very much for your answers, you mentioned a lot of things that I didn't think of. I have been using the Envato Marketplace a few times before, but never for audio. Do you know which kind of licence there (if any) that would allow me to buy music and use it in a game that is going to be sold? I've been reading through the licence page but can't really wrap my head around the differences and the actual content of the licenses. English is not my first language and understanding text like this is a struggle.
  19. Rodimus

    D3DVERTEXELEMENT9 Problem (Solved)

    Remember to use code tags to make your code more easy to read.
  20. Rodimus

    Critical Mass on Steam

    I see. Thank you for the link. Appreciate it
  21. Rodimus

    Critical Mass on Steam

    I am curious to know what the process of getting it published on Steam was like. Care to explain? Looked like a very addicting game by the way. Sceptical to trying it
  22. I've recently completed Hunted: The Demon's Forge and currently playing Dungeon Siege III, both which has implemented this objective pathfinder. What it does is show you the way to the next objective with a trail of light that you can follow. In Hunted it simply showed the next thing you needed to do in order to advance through the story. In Dungeon Siege it shows the way to the next objective of the current tracked quest (Which includes storyline quests) Screenshot of the pathfinder in Dungeon Siege III: What do you think of such features? Are they a good addition or do they take away some of the fun? Obviously, you could just decide not to use it, but it becomes very tempting at times, especially when you think of the fact that there's no penalty to using it. What could be good ways to limit such features? Here are some ideas I've come up with. I'm not saying any of them are very thought through, but just as an example: - Add a cooldown, (maybe 10 minutes). - Add some sort of cost. Maybe special currency with limited availability. Discuss.
  23. Rodimus

    3d model movement

    I'm not sure what you're trying to explain, so I am definitely not offended. I wasn't thinking of making anything like these rocks. As the first post says, I am just wondering how this sort of movement is done in general. The rocks from Dungeon Siege III was just an attempt at giving an example, since I had a hard time trying to describe it.
  24. Rodimus

    3d model movement

    I don't know much about 3d modelling, but if you were to include the movement path in the animation, would it affect the file size? I might just be thinking too sprite sheet now (since a single sprite in that animation would have to be large enough to fit the whole path) ...
  25. Rodimus

    I have a question.

    Just a small notice. You should slightly rewrite the poll question, it's a bit confusing. Maybe, "Should turn based strategy games like Final Fantasy Tactics use 2D sprites instead of 3D models (textured)?" I voted 2D sprites, by the way. Just personal preference since I loved the sprites in Tactics Advance and A2.
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