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  1. splitting up my time to start learning as3 again. gonna make a few flash games this summer, NEED some cash.
  2. sketchasketch

    [java] Beginner Question

    I was hardly paying attention when I tried that, but I just re-read it, and it works like a charm, thanks a ton!
  3. This isn't really game related, it's a really easy question for more experienced programmers I'm sure, but, here's my problem, I'm trying to have a text file that updates with an age, the users first name, the users last name, and then a new line. right now, it makes a Formatter to make the file chinese.txt, then it adds the scanner variables plus two records I used to make sure I knew this stuff. Every time I run it, I want the record to be added to the txt file, and NOT overwritten. Is there a common error I'm making that everyone makes, or is this a specific thing? I can upload the the src if I need to so I can get help, but I wanted to ask you guys first.
  4. sketchasketch

    [java] Google voted against SE7

    That last bit is interesting. I think that's what should happen. Vendors should just try and sell their product instead of messing things up. Which isn't to say that their changes are superfluous, but, it would be much easier I think to have a standardized platform, with many diverse products.
  5. sketchasketch

    [java] Google voted against SE7

    But why would Google want to stay where they are rather than improving their app store? I just think that, while i may be more difficult, it may be more beneficial to update their language somehow and do bigger and better things.
  6. Made my first gui yesterday, felt good. Learning Java is going smooth.
  7. sketchasketch

    [java] Google voted against SE7

    Well I mean, I understand why they would be upset, but I think it would be more in their interest to support it, and then just figure out a way to update the Android phones to use the new Java, or to interpret it differently, or something.
  8. Saw this on Slashdot and I was wondering, why would Google be upset about SE7? Someone in the comments section said that Google voted against it because of licensing issues, and I was wondering what kind of licensing issues might there be that would sway their opinion so much. Java's a very powerful language, and I'm sure Google's products could handle it, but why would they ever be against something like that?
  9. sketchasketch

    So you want to be a real programmer?

    What's the point? I don't really understand what you're trying to express, every language, even a scripting language, has it's pros and cons. It was very close-minded of you to not think about that when programming.
  10. didn't realize my tweets get posted here too, but now they're disabled.
  11. sketchasketch

    Another help thread....

    I'll definitely try it, can't hurt. I already use Eclipse, so that won't be a huge deal.
  12. sketchasketch

    Another help thread....

    Making any type of project is a great way to learn a new language and games are (in my opinion) more fun to make than most other projects. If you allready know the basics i think you should follow szecs advice, make a game, keep things simple to start with. Try the following: 1) Make a program that opens a window and draws a circle in it. 2) Make that circle move from one side of the screen to the other then back again indefinitly. 3) Make the program accept keyboard input and use that to control the direction the circle moves in. 4) Use the knowledge you gained by doing 1-3 to make a simple game. If you get stuck anywhere just ask for help, People will have a far easier time answering specific questions such as "How do i draw circles in Java ? or How does the KeyListener interface work ?" than broad generic questions. http://download.orac...avase/tutorial/ is a good place to find information on how to do 1-3 [/quote] Now THAT is helpful, thanks a ton man.
  13. dr.pepper is farking god #hellyes
  14. women in suits can be super attractive. #damnson
  15. elapsed time, 1.3 hours, 1% complete, I love windows :l
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