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  1. pro and cons of using pre made engines

    thanks ppl i think i will be doing myself what i had planned
  2. pro and cons of using pre made engines

    thanks for taking the time to reply. i'll ponder some more
  3. hi everybody i know it might be a big topic of discussion, but i'm very unsure if i'm doing it right. i'm making a win/linux game, writing in c/c++ and i'm doing some parts of the engine myself and for some others i'm using external libraries, like allegro and such :) since i'm learning a lot of new stuff (not on coding, just on game coding), i constantly feel, by looking at pre-cooked game engines and complex middleware available around, that i'm sorta wasting my time by doing my own work. more or less, everything i want to do has already been made :p i feel like, since i'm a noob, i won't be able to match the quality of what is been used by modern games and, in some cases, i could just copy-paste from some open source code (no, i'm not that lame!). at the same time i'd like to code some parts of it myself, even if i'm not innovating anything by an inch, and not just concentrate only on the contents. also because i won't be doing much of it anyway :p i mean, using all the tools/code that are available today it's more like modding, rather than programming. i _also_ am scared of trying something like udk when at some point in the development i realize it doesn't do exactly what i want and therefore i have to restart some work from scratch or tradeoff too much stuff and go away from my original design. btw, i'm not trying to make an AAA title, but i don't want it to suck either, so i'm making a serious effort on it :p what do you think? any experiences, advices? am i crazy? :D