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  1. A n00b programmer

    Character designs

  2. Hey all! I'm currently working on the basic game play. It should be a few days before I finish. i'll post it on yoyogames.com's website for you guys to try out. I'm also going to have some of the neighborhood boys test out the game.
  3. A n00b programmer

    The Game Maker's Companion

    It's a very good book. I have it. I usually use it for reference.
  4. A n00b programmer

    A beginner question about game engines.

    Game Maker. It has superb 2d graphics and amazing 3d graphics. It's very easy to learn, and it's very powerful. Go to yoyogames.com (i think that's the link) to download it.
  5. A n00b programmer

    The new guy says Hello!

    Hey! I'm a 14 year old! I know a bit of C# and a little bit of Mac Basic. I also know a mix of the others (JavaScript, C++, etc). I'll be hanging around here as well, and making some indie games as well to improve my game making skills and my resume.
  6. Hey guys! I finished all 5 gun models! Now I'm going to start doing a basic game using shapes to test out the 3ps shooting game mechanics.
  7. A n00b programmer

    Newbie gun models

    Models made in blender, rendered in maya.
  8. Hey guys! I have finished two more guns out of 5. Tomorrow I'll finish the last of these, and then start to work on the 3rd person sprites. I also finished the map game play on a piece of paper. I'm going to have a few of the kids on the block try it out and adjust as needed.
  9. A n00b programmer

    C++ books

    The Game Maker's Apprentice. Game Maker is really easy to learn, and you can do a lot with it.
  10. A n00b programmer

    06/05/11 - making the gun models

    Hello all, and welcome to the very first post of my first developer journal! I am making 5 gun models, so far I have two of them uploaded. You can see them up above. I'm also starting to make the game design document. I will not post it until after the game is finished. On my next post I hope to have finished a few more models.
  11. A n00b programmer

    Contest, anyone?

    It's true, I must admit.
  12. A n00b programmer

    So you want to be a real programmer?

    Someone once told me learning C++ was like learning how to juggle knives...
  13. A n00b programmer

    Unity 3D - Worth Learning?

    I think it is, but first you should probably get used to learning one of the scripting languages. I think C# is the best, but that's because I came from the windows phone 7 environment. I heard JavaScript is easier to learn, any thoughts?
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