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  1. If you have, rather than just a win / lose state in ship fights. The main gameplay (Adventure) aspect could be the "sinking ship" state. Here you could pick up the enemy crew from life boats, collect flotsam, have dialogue with your first mate wether you have enough food supplies / space to feed rescued enemies. You could send out from your ship on fast craft crew with bravery / skill stats to go onto the sinking ship on collection missions, with risk of them going down with the ship. Also remember at sea, staying afloat is staying alive it should not just be about win / loss in fights
  2. sizzle

    Robot Programming Game

    Another game you should look at is robot wars, for the PS2 iirc, rearly nice construction system, somewhat like spore in a way. But I dont understand what you want the player to do, obviously design the robots, but then you say you want them to script control, as in automated movement / herd / predator / packs behaviours, or do you mean simply input for motor control like PCB layout or what im not sure.
  3. A big mistake is to get bogged down in balancing a system and numerics for dps/ hps/ effective health. Most games (MMO) are tied to this because they have to produces massive ammounts of low cost RPG combat, to then produce a dynamic PvP system from these limitations, so it is a poor place to take refence from. Someone mentioned strategies and I think this is the right place to start, although the term that I use is " the dance". As I think you have to look at the opposing players as actually being partners. And your job when designing the combat "system" is to make the the dance as vibrant and dynamic as posible. I also like the metaphor because when applying it the resultant gameplay, if your gameplay is not fluid but jerky and cumbersome then its clear to see what needs to be improved.
  4. HP is not useless. Is it of equal value to DPS ? generally no due to the nature of stat based games. Is it worthless? No. HP extends the time you and your group can be "exposed" to damage. In a game like LoL where there is very limited healing (as opposed to WoW or MMO's in general) HP or mitigation is the most viable method to extend exposure. This extended exposure is utilised to allow for you or your team to capitalise on their DPS stats, here you may ask, so then HP is always subservient to DPS? Well of course, your goal, and the goal set out by the game is to kill the enemy to which the effectiveness of your DPS stat is always going to be a necessity. Unless you change the objective of the game then then DPS will always be the most influencial. Just as speed as opposed to DPS would be the most influencial in stat in a game in which the goal was to go around collecting things. It seems from your posts that you are looking for game mechanics that exclusively reward; an individual players skill within the presently existing combat engagement, precluding any influence on the present combat situation any; prior actions, selections, positions, randomisation or timings that would have any substantial influence over the outcome. These things which I feel you seek to preclude are a core part of games such as LoL and WoW. This is intentional by the developers, however it is highly avoided in the marketing of any such games, of which frustration and confusions occurs for many of their prospective customers. Games which focus less on stats tend to be more twitch based, such as FPS games like TF2 (high HP heavy vs low HP scout ?) or realism based like ARMA (high HP tank vs low HP infantry(with JDAM LD or Javelin) of course ) There is however one RPG game (DMMM) that does manage to achieve a relative comparabilty in value of HP vs DPS, of requiring skill and minimising the influence of luck and ensuring that your actions within the current combat situation are paramount. But this game utilises physics and the surrounding environment is cleverly designed to give constant opportunity of exploitation by the player to use the enviroment to deliver damage to the enemies or eliminate them. So ultimately in this game while the PC can build up his own DPS stats, the world itself is rich enough in its design to provide all the DPS required to defeat an enemy, which means your PC can forgo any DPS stats and develop only HP or defence stats and inturn utilise the environment to succeed.
  5. sizzle

    First Person RPG/Slasher

    The best action game ever in my opinion is Dark Messiah, It is a first person slasher game. I also note that it is superior than mount and blade, the reason i state this is because of how Dark Messiah utilizes physics within the combat system, the direction of your swings can be controlled, and your enemy if hit will react by moving in the direction of the swing, i could go on and on, but you have to play the game to understand the implications of this. If you do play the game please take your time, and use different difficulty levels because at face value you do not notice the level of design which has gone into the combat systems due to how effortlessly the system works as whole. Outside of this one game, for a game that is RPG in nature and thus game play is focused mostly on combat I would suggest you DO NOT use first person for melee. 3rd person is so much easier to do right, and considering your current combat design, it is insufficient to create any usable first person melee system. If you use first person you will lose much more than you would gain from the immersion gained.
  6. Well I cant quite figure out what your trying to achieve with this game, but that you want; Extremes of stats to be possible, To be have physics based representation of stats, rather than arbitrary number First as its physics, rather than trying to derive your mechanics from tradtional RPG stat mechanics. You first look at (to theory craft your stats) a PC having potential Kinetic Energy(this will be your GOTO number to reference balance), so start with; mass and speed, then look to how what ever stats you want to include would be ratios into these. So basically you could use strength to increase mass and some speed, thus giving you slow but high Kinetic energy to move boulders, whereas for your sprinter PC, they have low STR but increase a speed stat so they can wiz around but cant move other high mass objects, unless they have built up velocity. Also you could link HP or resistance to mass, to give a "tank" role. You may also need a "terminal velocity" or leave it out for the lolz.
  7. sizzle

    Game Idea new innovative title

    You need to examine Bloodline Champions, it is 99.8% of what features you are presenting here. Sorry
  8. Thanks for the tips guys! Much appreciated, will check them out.
  9. sizzle

    Solutions To Weapon Inflation

    As you mentioned factions, is this something that will be in your game? If so, as you loot weapons from enemies (enemies as they are from another faction) then they would have different weapon sets. You could turn these in for research points with your local faction. Under the pretense that the enemy faction has better tech, or thier weapons have alternative features that when researched could be added to your own weapons, such as they use scopes, whereas you do not. Better rifling for less spread etc. As you get these mods researched, they could be added to the spawn pool, for the different modules your allies weapons spawn with. So your allies for example would start out just using base ak74, where as enemies would be using m16, with mods for you to scavenge for your self, and for the duplicates to research for allies such as; Silencers Extended Mags Extended Barrels Lasers Flashlights IR Scope Tripod Closed bolt Grenade launchers + grenade types If your primary concern is of weapon inflation, you could make, as in real life the distinction between ammunition and the weapon. So a 9mm bullet would always do say 30 damage, but the rate of fire, accuracy, reload speed, mag capacity, reliability, maneuverability, weight. would all be variable depending on the weapon. Such as IRL if your shot in the vitals with a .22 or or a .50, yes theres a load more mess, but your still dead This way you could put greater and equal importance on all ammunition, which when enemies drop it, it always feels rewarding to the PC to have, With this if you are doing an FPS you could also make it so that picking up and firing a dead enemies weapon is quicker than reloading, you could generate some game play from that aspect, and having that option would give situational value to any weapon.
  10. sizzle

    So let's talk weapons...

    Some of my favorite weapons because of there amazing implementation, and the fact that each of them would be superior to Little Birds catapult as a stand alone game, and in no particular order; DC Final - AK47 (best FPS gun implementation) DC Final - RPG BF2 - Grenade Launcher BF2 - C4 Operation Flash point - Satchel Charge Arma 2 - Javelin Stalker - Abakan SWAT4 - Paintball gun SWAT4 - Beanbag Shotgun COD MW - Flash bang COD MW - Stun grenade COD MW - throwing knife (with Dark Messiah Animations) TFC - Conc grenade TFC - Caltrops TFC - "AIDS" dispensor TF2 - Force-a-nature TF2 - Sandman TF2 - De-greaser TF2- Chargin'Targe TF2 - Scottish Resistance TF2 - Huntsman HL2 - Crossbow HL2 - Gravity Gun L4D2 - Molotov L4D2- Pipe bomb L4D2 - Chainsaw L4D2 - and All ballistic weapons tuned perfectly for the setting Hitman - Fiber wire Fallout 3 - Power Fist Fallout 3 - Rock-it-launcher Fallout 3 - Fatman Fallout 3 - Frag grenade / your underpants New Vegas - Euclids Cfinder Batman AA - Baterang Batman AA - Line Launcher Super Mario - Mario's soles Mount and blade - Couched Lance Mount and blade - Braced Pike Mount and blade - throwing Axe/Spear Mount and blade - shields (not used offensively, but equipped and facilitate 1h weapon usage and arrow/ bolt implementation) Medieval 2 - Naphtha grenades Stainless steel 6.4 - Greek Firethrower Stronghold - Boiling oil "eeeeew this things hott" Age of empires 2 - Petards Dark Messiah - Rope bow Dark Messiah - Ice arrow/spell Dark Messiah - arrow lit on flame Dark Messiah - lightning spell Dark Messiah - telekinesis spell Dark Messiah - Kick Dark Messiah - Twin daggers - ALL and back-stabs Dark Messiah - Staves - ALL Dark Messiah - Swords - ALL Dark Messiah - Adrenaline - builds during fights used for a special ability on all weapons and spells, allows PC to overcome odds that seam in surmountable.... Star wars galaxies - AOE poisen / disease canistors Star wars galaxies - Launcher pistol Star wars galaxies - Flame thrower Star wars galaxies - Powerhammer/stun baton, not for the weapons themselves but to represent different damage types (blast/stun )to allow you to be more effective vs structures or players - variety and choice for PC Star wars galaxies - Unarmed Hit3 - I learnt to do this IRL LOL (also all original animations (and textures) are beautiful in this game especially for an mmo today) RL weapons i wanna see - Delisle Carbine, Keltec RFB The most rewarding weapons to use are trajectory based ones, as we are evolved to do that. However, mastery of the enviroment in Dark Messiah and in other games to a lesser extent is the best "weapon" ever, in terms of rewarding game play. Also above i have only listed handheld weapons, but utilizing; mounts, vehicles, stationary weapons, area denial weapons and bots are also too important to leave out of a game imo.
  11. Hi all, I'm looking for games in FPS /3rd person,over the shoulder. That feature taking prisoners/ handcuffing or any kind of control that the player character can inact on NPCs (not scripted). But has been included as an optional action rather than something which is a core combat mechanic of the game. Basically im looking for ideas and ways of implementation, for a feature to use in a multiplayer game, that rather than putting another player straight to death state through combat, you have the option to take them prisoner or tie them up. Something which would give the winning player in a fight a way to control another player that is beneficial to the victor of a fight, so not just putting the defeated player in an fully incapacitated state (as im trying to create a constant state of immersion with a character rather than the defeated player looking at a re-spawn timer) So the defeated player can do limited actions and still make choices. Most of all for the victor to use the prisoner to their benefit in someway, such as a controllable meat shield which i have seen before, but this limits the prisoners interaction too much. My thoughts is to have some kind of leash on the prisoner, and the winner to able to whip the prisoner in one direction and if they dont move they can whip hard to deliver damage until they comply with direction order. Thanks for any info/ ideas / tips
  12. sizzle

    Most satisfying game you've played and why

    SWG Because I built a living breathing city that stood until Sony pulled the server.
  13. MMORPG: SWG PreNGE FPS: Dark Messiah M&M RPG: Nehrim
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