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    Need advice about mathematical question.

    WOW! How can the authors of "Stewarts Pre-Calculus" justify price of 260$ for a book with 397 pages. Now thats a rip off if i ever seen one. Thanks for this advice, i gotta save for few months to get it.... Thank you EDIT: AH! Thank god for internet, got both books for "free".
  2. Greetings I have been digging in to some information i need with my upcoming game. I have noticed that all the programming math is very confusing and i don't know how to read it. I have basic math skills from school, but this stuff is WAY out of my league. So i decided to ask here about it, because i know there are quite a few good math people here. So i would need to know what books to buy from amazon.com, that explane to me how to read these math formulas. I have attached an image with an example. I would be very happy if someone would point me to the right books, so i can start to study them. Thanks alot.
  3. Supernovae

    C++ / C++ CLI

    Thanks for all the replies. Sadly i'm a beginner, but i will stick to c++ because its the only language i want to learn. I have a long term plan in game programming and i will stick to c++. I have bought some books, in my current book it's bit confusing because it concentrates on both styles, so i will just disregard all the CLI stuff. Thank you.
  4. Supernovae

    C++ / C++ CLI

    Hello I'm going to make games for only windows platform will i be using the c++ / cli or normal c++? What is the difference between these two styles of c++ and what should i choose to concentrate on?
  5. #include <iostream> using std::cout; using std::cin; using std::endl; class CPlayerStats { public: // Constructor explicit CPlayerStats(double mh = 1, double mm = 1, double ms = 1): m_health(mh), m_magic(mm), m_stamina(ms){} // Volume Function to count volume of stats. double Volume() { return m_health*m_magic*m_stamina; } double get_health() const { return m_health; } double get_magic() const { return m_magic; } double get_stamina() const { return m_stamina; } private: double m_health; double m_magic; double m_stamina; }; int main() { CPlayerStats Party[5]; CPlayerStats Group(3312.0, 1455.0, 2244.0); for(int i = 0;i < 5;i++) cout << endl << "Array current number: " << i << " . Health: " << Party.get_health() << ", Magic: " << Party.get_magic() << ", Stamina: " << Party.get_stamina() << endl; cin.get(); return 0; } Incredible!!! It works!! Does it look that is right this way? Thanks alot mate
  6. Hello I have this code: #include <iostream> using std::cout; using std::cin; using std::endl; class CPlayerStats { public: // Constructor explicit CPlayerStats(double mh = 1, double mm = 1, double ms = 1): m_health(mh), m_magic(mm), m_stamina(ms){} private: double m_health; double m_magic; double m_stamina; }; int main() { CPlayerStats Party[5]; CPlayerStats Group(3312.0, 1455.0, 2244.0); for(int i = 0;i < 5;i++) cout << endl << "Array current number: " << i << " . Health: " << Party.m_health << ", Magic: " << Party.m_magic << ", Stamina: " << Party.m_stamina << endl; cin.get(); return 0; } it does not work because some variables are private in the class. So i would need a function inside class CPlayerStats that returns the for loop. The problem is.. How do i return the result of a loop from function? Can someone help me?
  7. Hello I decided to start learning c++. I have been doing the tutorial at www.learncpp.com and i'm about half way. Now i would like to make games for windows platform with c++, maybe using cryengine, unity or other engine to help me. So now i would need to learn about how to create games on windows platform and learn the win api. What book would you recommend? Can be any book i can order from amazon. Thank you for your time.
  8. Hello I'm new to C++ and i have been looking for books to learn more about c++ and game programming. Here is my goal: To create prodecural world with countries that the player can manage, it would be done some what same way as infinity quest for earth, but much smaller scale. So i would like people to suggest what books i need in order to accomplish this. Here is my current list, in reading order: 1. Accelerated C++: Practical Programming by Example 2. C++ Primer 3rd Edition: Stanley Lippman 3. Texturing and Modeling, Third Edition: A Procedural Approach 4. C++ Algorithms 3rd Edition by Robert Sedgewick 5. he C++ Standard Library Tutorial and Reference from Nicolai Josuttis and finally 6. The C++ Programming Language: Special Edition HUH! thats alot of stuff to learn. My concern is that i will be programming for windows platform and useing directx, should i get some book about those? Pleas help and thank you inadvance!
  9. Supernovae

    Need advice.

    If i spend years in my project should i not use c++ when every major game has been developed with c++? It makes no sense to me to use any other language, and i'm not looking for shortcut to fun stuff. Also, learning and mastering c++ might give me job opportunities in the future, unlike many other languages. What i have seen localy all programmers are expected to know c++ very well, to apply for any job in programming.
  10. Supernovae

    Need advice.

    Hello I'm new to programming and i have decided to select C++ as my programming language. Now i will be developing games only for windows, and i have been reading some tutorials into c++ and i realized that programming for windows is a different thing than doing it in Dos. So my question is, if i make games only for windows where should i start? Is there good books or online tutorials i should get? My goal now is to make a game world with algorithms (heightmap), like Infinity quest for earth, but i decided to concentrate on much smaller scale like one smallish planet and nothing else. So you cannot travel in space only on the planet. The planet will be split into countries and as a player, you will be managing one. I know that my goal is huge, but i'm prepared to spend years getting there. So i would like to get tips, what i need to learn to get there. Thank you
  11. Hello I would like to store some information in a outside file that i can then call in my main.c file. I think this could be done with classes, i just dont understand how. I would need to store the following information that i could then call to my main.c file. Appartment c int windows; windows = 22; int rooms; rooms = 28; int doors; doors = 7 int winroo; winroo = ((windows + rooms) / 2 ); Appartment b int windows; windows = 13; int rooms; rooms = 8; int doors; doors = 5 int winroo; winroo = ((windows + rooms) / 2 ); Now i would like to store this information outside my main.c and call it when i need it. Could someone explane with an example how i would go about doing this in an efficent way. I have read some information about classes, but having some problems understanding it. Thank you
  12. Supernovae

    How do i link a lib file in visual studio 2010?

    Thanks got it to work.
  13. Hello I have this directx demo project, and i have downloaded the directx sdk. I get >LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'd3dx9d.lib'. So i need to link the LIB file, but dont know how to do it in visual studio 2010. I tried to find information from google to do this and there was plenty of tips how to do it prior to 2010 version of visual studio. Now Microsoft decided that it was too easy to have this stuff in a simple directory and changed the whole system. I was reading about how it works from microsoft blog, but it's just too complicated. Why on earth would they change it to more NOT user friendly. So is there a way to link a one simple file in a way that does not require me to be rocket scientist! Thanks for help
  14. Supernovae

    Astronomical numbers problem

    FINALLY IT WORKS !!!!! I decided to go for BigInteger library. Tho, still it's bit tricky, since if i want huge number i need to use several variables then * them and get my end result variable. I tested it many many times even with functions etc.. works flawlessly. I even multiplied earth mass in grams, with sun mass in grams, lol. Works nicely. I just wanted to thank everyone helping. Thanks!
  15. Supernovae

    Astronomical numbers problem

    Good point, it does not work with decimals. Hmm... gotta try something else.
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