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    BMFont : Rotated Unicode characters ?

    hey, thanks for the reply.. After reading your answer, I realized that I was probably using the wrong font, was using @Arial Unicode MS (note the @) in the screenshot. Switching the selected font to "Arial Unicode MS" (without the @) solves the problem, hmm I wonder how come I got double font entries in the list for some of my Windows fonts, and for all fonts with the "@" symbol in front of the name, some of the unicode subsets are rotated.... Anyway, It has been solved now, thanks! Great tool btw.. ;)
  2. Hi, First of all, kudos to WitchLord for the BMFont tool, I've been using the tool for several projects until now and its really saves us a lot of troubles exporting bitmap font. Thanks a lot.. I'm trying to use the tool to export unicode characters, but for some subsets of the unicode characters, the characters are 90 degrees rotated to the left? (rotated to horizontal position) For example, look at this Japanese katakana subset, first character on the top left: If I use window's charmap tool to view the U +30A1 (first character on the katakana subset) it actually looks like this : So its seems the character is rotated 90 degrees to the left.. Another obvious example is if I select the "enclosed alpha numerics subset": Is this suppose to happen? However, I probably could swap the x,y position upon initializing the characters but the problem is theres no exported information whether a character has this rotation or not. And the rotation only occurs on certain subsets of the Unicode only... Thanks in advance...
  3. ZeroBit

    SDL_WM_SetIcon strange bug

    Here is the application icon: Thanks for testing!
  4. Hello everyone, I've been trying to change my Win32 application icon using SDL_WM_SetIcon() I'm using a 16x16 bitmap, 256 color image with colorkey for the application icon. Application icon actually got displayed but strangely, there some strange black pixels behind the displayed icon. I've tried many ways, repeatedly check and use different application icon but they always have this weird black pixels behind them. Application icon with colorkey, without mask ( mask = NULL ) In one of my attempt, I've tried to setup a mask containing all zeros (which supposedly resulting application icon doesnt get displayed at all), Surprisingly it's still displaying the strange black pixels even with empty mask. Icon with mask of all zeros Anyone has any idea about the problem ? Here is the source code : int main( int argc, char* args[] ) { //Start SDL SDL_Init( SDL_INIT_TIMER|SDL_INIT_VIDEO ); SDL_Surface *iconSfc = SDL_LoadBMP( "data\\appicon.bmp" ); SDL_SetColorKey( iconSfc, SDL_SRCCOLORKEY, 0 ); char mask[ 16*16/8 ]; memset( mask, 0, sizeof(mask) ); SDL_WM_SetIcon( iconSfc, (Uint8*)mask ); //SDL_WM_SetIcon( iconSfc, NULL ); SDL_SetVideoMode( 640, 480, 32, 0 ); BOOL bExit = FALSE; SDL_Event curEvent; while( !bExit ) { while (SDL_PollEvent (&curEvent)) { if( curEvent.type == SDL_QUIT ) { bExit = TRUE; } else { /// Handle the event HandleSDLEvent( &curEvent ); } } } SDL_FreeSurface( iconSfc ); //Quit SDL SDL_Quit(); return 0; }
  5. ZeroBit

    Images of the tsunami

    Quote:Original post by owl 130k and counting.80k is from Indonesia only...horrible :(
  6. ZeroBit

    Images of the tsunami

    from Banda Aceh, Indonesia... I heard the house is 1 km away from the shore line... Link to wmv file Death toll is 80k and counting
  7. ZeroBit

    Images of the tsunami

    Quote:Not that anyone is likely to find themselves caught in a massive tsunami anytime soon, but if you are caught in a rip tide, the best way to get out of it is not to swim against it; you're wasting your energy. Instead, swim parallel to the shore until you're out of the current, then swim back to shore.That is assuming you can swim in it...As the current is so strong it will also carry over building wreckage, trees, and everything else. It is very hard to escape i guess...
  8. Thanks for the reply, but resolved this issue already. It seems as BeginEffect() Get Called, the current device texture got lost somehow... have to make sure the current pass sets proper Texture from within the effect file.
  9. hi all, I am trying to optimize my application by grouping meshes by its effect usage. My current rendering steps is like this (meshes are using a same effect) : BeginEffect Begin Pass 0 Render Mesh 1 - Pass 0 Render Mesh 2 - Pass 0 . .. Render Mesh N - Pass 0 End Pass 0 Begin Pass 1 Render Mesh 1 - Pass 1 ... Render Mesh N - Pass 1 End Pass 1 .. .. etc EndEffect for each mesh base texture, we are using ID3DDevice9::SetTexture() to change device textures (not setting active texture from inside ID3DXEffect). so in each Rendering call for one mesh, i set the Device Texture and also World Transform accordingly for the current mesh. But it doesnt work, the result is all mesh rendered without any textures... Can someone point me the mistakes in these steps ? if i do this instead, its working just fine, BeginEffect Begin Pass 0 Render Mesh 1 - Pass 0 End Pass 0 EndEffect BeginEffect Begin Pass 0 Render Mesh 2 - Pass 0 End Pass 0 EndEffect . .. BeginEffect Begin Pass 0 Render Mesh N - Pass 0 End Pass 0 EndEffect BeginEffect Begin Pass 1 Render Mesh 1 - Pass 1 End Pass 1 EndEffect ... BeginEffect Begin Pass 1 Render Mesh N - Pass 1 End Pass 1 EndEffect .. .. etc PS : I set the device texture & material inside RenderMesh() function is that a problem?
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