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  1. I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/8zRwCbt5 Babar Ahmed CEO Mindstorm Studios Comment
  2. If it comes to real. It cant be a gaming teaser!(@YouTube http://t.co/mveNgbpc)
  3. Every demo include shooting! Is it necessary!(@YouTube http://t.co/k7TlSulR)
  4. Computers Revealed: Gmail Signup Page http://t.co/Grs9ETV3
  5. yaKashif

    CPU Time in XNA

    How do you calculate all the information ? total draws and updates, how much it takes to draw and how long o update , how you did that?
  6. I just setup @EzineArticles to tweet my newly published articles: http://Twitter.EzineArticles.com/
  7. yaKashif

    Computers Revealed

    Browse topics of your interest like game dev, social etworking, algorithms, programmings or even request articles. www.computersrevealed.blogspot.com
  8. The controversy about social networking, have glance and share your feelngs http://t.co/Ol0VaT9 via @AddThis
  9. Just trying to befriend people,Help me with it
  10. The Reasoning Test - FunnyWebsite.com: http://t.co/2uF4Otk via @AddThis
  11. Computers Revealed: Getting started with Android http://t.co/0E2fn9u
  12. Computers Revealed: Online gaming Online gaming, How bad it is becoming http://t.co/cnjMasl
  13. Computers Revealed: Heart of Computing, Algorithms and there types http://t.co/Ya1HPdB
  14. Join the series of articles and get information. Step into Game development now easily. www.computersrevealed.blogspot.com
  15. Computers Revealed: Hobbyist Game Developer: If you are hobbyist and want to develop games then see how easy it is. http://t.co/U9cc1Ry
  16. Computers Revealed: Stepping into Game Development A guide for begginers http://t.co/K7mQuYG
  17. Computers Revealed. Explore or Discover computers , www.computersrevealed.blogpost.com
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