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  1. I was browsing online for an image rotation library that would work with the SDL Library and I stumbled upon hxRender. It is not the only library I found, but it does seem to be the only one that can do real time rotations, and while I don't yet anticipate needing to do any rotations that I couldn't just cache, It'd still be nice to know I was able to do so just in case. This having been said, does anyone know where a download for hxRender might be mirrored online? Alll links for downloads to it that I have located appear to be broken. Alternatively, another library that can do real-time rotations with SDL would be fine too.
  2. dcco

    List of free libraries

    This list is really good and as I march onwards checking out different libraries I shall be sure to us this. One thing, I'd like to point out, your links to hxRender are broken and I actually can't find any other downloads for it on the internet. Does anyone know where I could find it and/or find another library that is SDL compatible and can rotate images in real time at a reasonable speed? I'm not expecting to actually rotate images in real time since most of the things I plan on rotating probably have few enough frames so that they can simply be cached, but it would be nice to have this capability just in case.
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