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  1. Stating that I'm hobbyist, until I'll go to an university in future, and my mind was only strict on C++ ( as in i only wanted to go for c++ ), I'm starting to open my mind over other languages as i feel i should really trust the fact that C++ gets hard later on without coding experience as most people say. Also I feel the need of something rewarding visually, but i dont know C#, i only know C++ basics. So, I'd like to discuss with people who know more than me which way you would pick and why, one huge note that will avoid troubles : i dont care about speed. I dont care if this is fast or this is slow. Also don't just say "C# XNA cause its easy" its rare for me to change my mind and im still wondering if i should "drop" ( not forever, but maybe for now ) C++. I would like to discuss about this and if someone would be able to provide links like to tutorials to both of them to make me realize ( with the easiest tutorial ever ) which one is best fitting for me. Thanks. Please this is not a language war or something. I'm underlining the fact that im one of those guys who wanted to learn C++ cause i have to admit im conditioned by mmos knowing they use C++ and such. But until i go to university i want to do something that gives results AND it is still profitting for C++ ( in a way, as in, if i ever know C#, if i go back to C++ will i feel experienced and that everything is easier? ) Thanks.
  2. MkChronix

    [2D Game] C# Xna or C++ SFML

    well since i said im "switching" from C++ to C#, you said you were in my same situation in the earlier post. i think ill go for C# XNA, cause im on windows and dont really care about porting to other stuff for now so.. but yea, 6677, i guess about the libraries part your right but consider that i would be happy to know only one well enough to be able to do something decent
  3. MkChronix

    [2D Game] C# Xna or C++ SFML

    azorac, since you were in my same situation, which book/sites did you use that made you feel you had a good choice?
  4. I've been reading most threads of people asking the same questions over and over as I would ask, such as "what should I do to learn C++" etc, my personal answer anyways is that I should practice and I feel fairly well with it, but I want to ask, since I've been reading a lot of people saying "when you're done with basics move on to library such as SDL or SMFL" etc. So, my question, maybe its noobish and it has been already asked, i tried to search, so forgive me if its bad, after all im posting in beginners for a reason and trying to avoid the same questions over and over. I know you may say "when you feel ready" you can move on. But I'd like to know from personal experience or whatever else a list of the things I should keep working on a lot ( like in console games or anything else ) I hope the question isnt noobish at all, im just asking for the things i should focus on practicing the most to move on something new.
  5. MkChronix

    When are you "done" with C++ basics?

    @Serapth, i read your post about game programming, I looked over most languages and so far C++ syntax is the best for me and i feel good with it. I really dont believe in your opinion that later on i'll regret, cause i dont want to go for "what pros go", but for what i like. Anyways, you recommend 1.6 on your tuts, but on web people say 2.0 has many good features.. What should i do? See, i hate such things, im not able to make a choice alone.
  6. MkChronix

    When are you "done" with C++ basics?

    So, SMFL 1.6 or 2.0? pro/cons? differences?
  7. MkChronix

    When are you "done" with C++ basics?

    Ok, I think i will start out by SFML. Any good books or stuff I should follow to get started on? Also, probably i feel the answer is yes already but maybe not, i read on some threads that people said some features such as net management is done better in sdl ( well i dont know if thats not true and i dont care ) my question is, say, i use SFML for all, can i take the net part from SDL and implement it in my SFML game? or thats just like saying putting a piece of a car into another one that doesnt fit? just a random question that came to my mind, also im happy to have all this many replies they're comfortable somehow what im expecting is that in at least 3 months of work i can get to see some results, i dont expect anything the first day or week, but in like 3 months ( or more, just shooting a "random" date ). I need though to start thjinking in flexibility cause i cant stay on one thing forever otherwise i feel im not gonna progress. Thanks again, hope im not annoying, also i know i can google for SFML books, resources, and such. Theres always google for that stuff, but since now you guys know how i think, maybe you can suggest something good.
  8. MkChronix

    When are you "done" with C++ basics?

    Ok @Serapth thanks, but then, since im a bit "afraid" ( not really so much but yeah im still on my way and i dont really want to think that im gonna be awesome in no time) can you suggest me the "best" ( i know theres no BEST generally, in your opinion im saying ) way to follow? SMFL (watching your signature ) is good way to go and try? Or anything else you would suggest along with a book or a website or video tutorials? ( I will read your blog soon but in the way of tl;dr what would you say? ) Since I said i would go to SDL. To me starting a library looks like a huge thing now, getting a step inside feels hard so try to understand my point of view and what i mean when i ask this questions. probably you wondered too in the past. Nobody said anything more than SFML and SDL, so now ill have to pick one, then probably as you just said one day ill feel like they are the same thing and will laugh at myself probably.
  9. MkChronix

    When are you "done" with C++ basics?

    So basicly, all you need to know is how loops if statement and such work before moving to something because everything is going to be different with each library i go. Ok, so, also I know i dont expect to work on something huge its obvious. I'll be help to even see something i draw walking on the screen while pushing buttons, its already a huge progress to me to see something walking, then making it shoot, then jump, everything slowly with its time. But then, almost everyone suggests SFML/SDL, i googled SFML VS SDL and such and I feel like going on SDL once i feel a bit more ready with some console projects. But then, what should I do? Is SDL fine? are there any iother choices? If i pick on something like SDL i would take my time to think up a game and take it to the end, may it even be something that you walk collect shoot and you're done for example. I just want to pick something that will be useful if i move on in a long future to something else. I know its going to be slow thats why I'm also slow on picking what i should go next. I like reading books, so I also would be happy if someone could provide me with tutorials to x library or books or anything useful to get me started. For now I want to decide where to go, i'm taking any suggestion and giving a look to everything. Thanks
  10. Hey, I would like to know from some of you what the difference between "The C++ Programming Language Special Edition" and "The C++ Programming Language Third Edition" are. I have googled and I found this site : http://www2.research.att.com/~bs/3rd.html he says its recommended to buy that version because of a few changes But is it really a big difference from the third edition? Because I can get a very cheap third edition and i want to know if i should save up for the special edition instead. I have even looked at the pdf's and they look almost like the same. I don't know what to do. Please tell me what I should do! Thanks!
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