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  1. Does anyone have a link to example code for OpenGL/SDL which let's you use the mouse to look around inside a skybox please? Thank you
  2. slurrblerghfff

    skybox and camera?

    I am going to make a really simple game in linux with OpenGL but to get started I need source code that will load a skybox and use the mouse to look around it. Can any one show me where to find that code? I am sure it has been written lots of times by loads of different people. Thank you I found this so far. http://www.opengl.org/wiki/Cubemap_Texture
  3. slurrblerghfff

    Searching for community.. Text mixed with Image

    Pick what type of genre you want (e.g. interactive fiction), and just google it. You can find dozens of examples, and the most active/popular will tend to float to the top. [/quote] Thanks you but I'm really having trouble... with it.. Can anyone just point it out for me? My genre doesn't have a name I think.
  4. Dear Friends, Where can I find an up to date list of online communities for game making as a hobby? Something that people are doing on the weekend Thank you so much
  5. slurrblerghfff

    Searching for community.. Text mixed with Image

    Thanks guys but what about a community for the mix of the two games?
  6. Dear friends, I am thinking about the mix of two types of game Text adventure (such as Colossal Cave) and Image adventure (such as Myst). I have dreamed to make my own game of this type for a long time. Is there a community for hobbyists making this type of game? What are the classics? Are there free software to build them? I'm just hoping for information... Thank you so much everybody.
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