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    Advise needed for new game

    Just my two cents, I think the concept is really interesting, and something you could easily get players interested in. I will throw this in as something to think about: Less is More. A few games with cash shops seem to have gotten the idea that less is more, now what you're seeing is more people spending more money in smaller increments. Where before a few people might spend the $50 once in a while, now you have tons of people spending the $5 every few days. Think about that when you're building your cash options for this game. You don't need to charge someone a few bucks each time they race, because people will quit racing real quick if they're not winning. You might want to, instead, look at charging a minuscule amount, something so small that there's no excuse NOT to spend it. That's just my two cents, good luck with this!
  2. Johnscapey

    Need advice on where to go next

    I'll throw my half cent in here. If you already started C++, you're probably best to keep going with that. When I asked a developer friend of mine (not game developer, just a guy making apps for schools) what I should learn with my goals in mind, he recommended C++ because "Learning C++ will make learning some of the others easier." I myself know almost nothing, but I take his advice because he's really good at what he does. Of course, he's also one of those people who has always had an intuitive grasp for programming, so when he says it might make it easier I have to wonder if that's coming from experience, or from him just picking things like programming up (Am I jealous? Maybe a bit ) But anyway, that's my half cent, take it with a grain of salt, as it's coming from someone who is still in the learning phase (Beginning programming with C++ for dummies!) himself. John
  3. Johnscapey

    Why must a variable be initialized ?

    Too True! Some compilers will actually, if you leave a variable null, grab whatever randomness is/was in that memory space and assign that value to your variable (if you attempt an operation with that variable unassigned). So, for example, if I have three variables, call them FirstNumber, SecondNumber, and Thirdnumber, and I don't initialize them, then I get some user input and assign that to FirstNumber, and do Thirdnumber = FirstNumber*SecondNumber ...... ThirdNumber is gonna be something totally random, because SecondNumber was never declared and is now whatever random garbage was in that memory space. Added bonus, I'll have zero errors and zero warnings. In a big block of code it could be a pain in the keister trying to figure out why (maybe not so much why, as where) I keep getting random answers when nothing is wrong. Granted, having something like that happen means you goofed big time, but maybe that was the moment you started thinking about a ham sandwich.
  4. I had one quick thought for something you might add to your list (or create a new list?). As someone who is just beginning one of the questions I constantly have is "What is a good free 'fill in the blank' to fool around with while learning? Now, I've managed to avoid actually asking that for the most part, but only because I've hunted through the forums with persistence and hunger, and even at that I don't know that I'm actually fooling with good learning tools, I just know they're free and I can play with them to get a better grasp on what I'm doing. I figure some of the folks here who have been around the block a time or three could likely pour out a whole laundry list of good free tools to use as folks are learning, and having them centralized would be great. Just a thought! BTW Love the resource list you've already compiled! John
  5. Johnscapey

    Game Engine Question

    So, as I mentioned in a previous post, I'm new. Like, really really new. Like, just starting to learn programming, not learning to program games new (Made a program that counted fruit and did some multiplication! YAY ME! .... Sorry.) Anyway, when I'm not cramming my head full of semi-colons, and percent signs and loops and all that good jazz, I tend to meander around aimlessly just fulfilling curiosity. While doing so I looked at two game engines, one of the older Torque builds, and the HeroEngine. Something I noticed with both is that they both utilize their own scripting language, and this made me curious as to whether or not that is standard, or even common. And that would be my question, is it common, or standard to find game engines that use a scripting language "similar to C++, but with...." or are these just two random funky exceptions and I shouldn't expect to see many more like them? Thanks in advance for the responses, as well as for the responses I got to other questions here previously! John
  6. Johnscapey

    Question about IDEs from a newb.

    Thanks Drakonite!
  7. So, first, I'm totally new to game development. Not new to the idea, however. I'm planning on starting school for game development in the near distant future (if that made any sense at all), and I'm the type of person who likes to get a head start at everything. To that end I tried to find out what IDE we'll be using in school for the C++ courses, and of course, the admissions department didn't have that information, and they're the only ones I can contact at the moment (I'm 4 states away, so driving over and sticking my head in someones door isn't really an option). So since I can't get a head start on what I'll be doing at school, I thought I'd see if I could get a little bit of a head start on what I'll be dealing with in the industry. I've used Code::Blocks, and Visual C++ Express, and a couple of others, and noticed that, well, while they're all using the same language, they all have their own quirks, and each take some getting accustomed to. All this leads me to what might be a silly question. While I know that there is no standard "Yeah, everyone uses this" answer for the industry, I am curious what the most commonly used IDE in the game development industry would be. JUst so I know what I'm most likely to face when (yeah, I'm a positive thinker, when not if) I make it into the career field. If anyone wants to share their insights with me, it would be greatly appreciated. John
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