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  1. malhotraprateek

    game programming

    Yes, UG means under-graduate and B.Tech. is short for Bachelor of Technology. @Ajeeth - People just having an Information tech. degree (without any more provable skills) are usually not picked for game programming jobs, as to my knowledge (correct me if I am wrong) core concepts for computer sciences like theory of computation are not taught. Knowing the state of higher education in India, I can say even if you had enrolled in a computer science course, you might not get much practical knowledge out of it, unless maybe if you are in one of the top-tier colleges across the country. My suggestion will be to keep working on your programming skills in various languages like C++ and develop a good foundation of core programming concepts over the years. In parallel, keep browsing various beginner to intermediate level articles on this website (gamedev.net) and other websites mentioned by 'RSX'. Alternatively you can also try to learn to program in various game engines like: Unity, Unreal Engine, Ogre, etc. (there are many, some free some paid). Also keep making game demos while you learn. It will help you work on your programming skills and keep you motivated (speaking from personal experience). Additionally you can go to MOOC websites like Udemy and learn from the various courses there. Most of the time these courses are on discounts and you can usually buy them for Rs. 600 to 1000. Once you can prove to an employer that you have the same or better skills/experience than a graduate from a computer science course or have a decent enough portfolio which says it for you, you will have a much better shot.
  2. malhotraprateek

    3D Object doesnt show

    Hi. I have been working on a similar project (solar system). I skimmed your code and found this: const float X = .525731112119133606f; const float Z = .850650808352039932f; in the method Sphere::createIcosahedron.   I don't think a float can store this much precision (at most 6 decimal digits; check reply by Stephen here). This may not be a big issue right now and the project might work now but this may make problems later if it is not taken into consideration.   Cheers...
  3. malhotraprateek

    Text Rendering In D3D11/12

    Check out a third party library called Sciter. You can write a UI layout by using HTML and a javascript variant called TIScript. The integration into an engine is easy but you will still have to get familiar with a few differences in the HTML and CSS.   Also, the forums are responsive and quite helpful, and it is free to use if you only use the binaries.
  4. malhotraprateek

    In Game Console window using DirectX 11

    You could look up Sciter for your UI system. It is a HTML/CSS engine to render UI right to your game window and does not require a lot of code to integrate either. As per my experience it has a responsive forum and tutorial articles on codeproject.
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