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  1. Hello..im just post the general question here...can anybody list down type of map that used in different type of game we have today. For example GTA - > Dynamic Map..Rpg map..Tiled Map..Top Down Map..(sorry, i doesnt know the standard name for them) GTA -> Any reference provided would be better..
  2. Hello everyone.. I have one question here..can i import 3DS format with UVW Wrap Model directly to Opengl? I already have a 3dsloader function to load the model, so are the texture mesh to the model will be displayed after rendered in the Opengl? Thank you
  3. Hello, right now i am developing 2D Map for my 3D Environment. I am able to do 3rd Person Camera which followed the movement of "object movement" inside my 3D environment. My problem is i am having difficulty to put the 2D Map in circle shape and screen them in same window as the 3D environment? Do i have to use glstencil or ortho mode for this.. By the way the system is very much look like this [media]http:// http://chung.blogvie.com/files/2010/11/cross_car_chung10.jpg[/media] Your help is very much appreciated.
  4. arsenavin

    Draw 2D Circle Map onto Screen

    Thanks man...do you have any tutorial or reference that i can refer to?
  5. What i am try to develop is a simple minimap system which can track object movement in real time - I am doing a simple object motion tracking in two different windows (Opengl). This was actually my first phase in developing a 2D Navigation System for 3D Race Game.. What i do first is create 2 windows (Opengl) Below are the details: 1. First window display a single object where user able to move the object through the length of x and y axis. Control using the keyboard with the existence of += 0.1 function which modify the current coordinate each time the keyboard is active. So simple transformation of x or y will occur. 2. Second window function as a simple minimap with a Google Map (bitmap) as a background (texture). The object tracking indicator is represent by a small Quad. This quad will follow the movement of the object in the first window. My problem here how i am gonna tell the Object tracking indicator (Quad) to move according to object in the first window( like a RPG game). Can i achieve it without using the pointer?..Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Sorry, i am not very good explaining my problem word by word.. Yes, what i want to do is a minimap. " . Can somebody explain what is the correct way to develop a minimap The position of the marker on the map that represents an object is simply the object position itself with a transformation applied" .How i am gonna achieve this. Can you explain more about the transformation things? What i mean by "updated real time" was to move the marker in map space everytime the object change it's coordinate (move). Thanx Bluntman..(.")
  7. The values used to position the object in the first window can also be used to position the object in the second window [/quote] Thank you very much..now im clear in term of concept used.. What im try to achieve is to follow the object movement and display their position in the separate section or windows..Like in the Football Game eg (player position is displayed in the minimap using circle indicator) Something that looks like this , Now you give me a great idea how im gonna design the map system. But im still far away on how im gonna put the map section on the same windows as game scene. For your information, im not working on the game scene yet, but what i did was creating a simple object which can move freely along the z and x axis (FORWARD, BACKWARD, LEFT,RIGHT). The object values position is control by user. control (SIMPLE TRANSFORMATION) , for my case what i wanna do is to use this values to updated the indicator's coordinate inside the map. This is my problem: 1. How im gonna pass the world coordinate from simple object to a dynamic object (updated real-time) inside the map.. Your help is very much appreciated.
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